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10 Best Accessories for The Project M

10 Best Accessories for The Project M

The Project M may be our most minimalist truck camper option, but that’s doesn’t mean you can’t deck it out and turn it into a beastly adventure rig! If planning to adventure hard and travel light, here are our top recommendations for this truck topper:

  1. Camp Stove 

Some people say that a camping trip is only as good as the food, and we say we couldn’t agree more! The Project M is the perfect setup to relax at camp, cook on the tailgate, and take in the surrounding views. Depending on budget and space, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to camp stoves, from collapsible backpacking stoves to two-burner setups

  1. Portable Power Station 

Get prepped to hit the road without worrying about keeping power while exploring. There are multiple ways to add power to your Project M, including 12 AGM 12V power solutions with truck charging and/or solar charging as add-ons to your installation with Four Wheel Campers. If that solution isn’t right for you, no issues! Many other solutions are on the market to ensure the setup is perfect for you. 

truck topper
  1. Interior Lights/Headlamps  

Camping during the day is easy, but camping after the sunset requires some additional necessities. There are options to wire interior lights that come standard in Project M orders with truck or solar charging and also add rear flood lights, but even if you have every light feature with the Project M, we always still recommend keeping a headlamp or two in your center console. 

  1. Dometic Fridge 

A Project M may be a minimalist version of a camper, but that doesn’t mean you need to lack amenities found in standard RVS/slide in campers! With your solar hookup and power station, the portable dometic fridge is the perfect additional to the Project M. Many situate the fridge at the far back of the truck bed and then plan a piece of wood extending over it to both shelves, doubling the space as an extra bench. 

CFX50 Domestic Top Loader Refrigerator
  1. Emergency Satellite GPS

If you ever think you will be camping alone or out of service, a satellite GPS is one of those safety nets that will ensure you always have emergency communication, no matter how far out of service you are. The most important feature for your satellite GPS is the emergency beacon, which will pinpoint your location and alert authorities during an emergency.The Garmin InReach and InReach Mini are two of the most popular on the market. 

  1. Traction Mats

Traction mats are a must if you plan to do any off-road adventuring in your Project M (which we highly recommend!). The mats assist if you ever get stuck and need additional traction to escape mud, snow, or sand. If ordering exterior gear tracks for your rig, they can easily be attached to the outside to conserve space inside. 

traction mats
  1. Camping Knife 

A camping knife is a small and simple tool that has significant benefits for anyone camping, road-tripping, and exploring. There are many different sizes and setups you can buy when it comes to camping knives, but we highly recommend either the ___

  1. Exterior Gear Tracks 

For those looking to build out their Project M with lots of overlanding & boondocking gear, exterior gear tracks allow certain accessories to be attached to the outside of your topper, such as extra gas cans, gear tracks, portable showers, and more. This helps get you equipped for the road, without need additional storage solutions inside your topper. 

FX4 Four Wheel Camper Red Truck
  1. Compact Chair 

One major benefit of the Project M is the tailgate is often the best seat in the house! However, it’s smart to have a couple of extra chairs stored away. Like other items on the list, there is no one size fits all camping chair we recommend, and the best idea is to research brands depending on size, use, and style. 

  1. RotopaX Gasoline Cans

Many of the country’s best camping areas and hidden gems aren’t always the most accessible. In fact, some areas, such as the 98.8 White Rim OHV trail, it is almost required to have extra gas cans. Adding this accessory to your Project M helps add peace of mind and provides an added layer of protection if the unexpected occurs. 

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