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10 days in a Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper: RV Review

10 days in a Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper: RV Review

Today’s review of the Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper is very, very different in a lot of ways. The biggest change in this is that I got to spend ten days in the camper touring some wonderful spots on the West Coast.

Life experience

I often do these reviews from the standpoint of either seeing the rigs in person or seeing a well-done video of them. (Thank you, Josh Winters!) But this one was done having borrowed the camper and spending almost two weeks out on the road with it. It certainly gave me a unique perspective and appreciation for it and the pickup camper lifestyle. This was not unlike how I used to do reviews of new vehicles. The vehicle manufacturers had fleets of press vehicles that they would provide to us journalists specifically so we could write in-depth reviews. It was pretty cool.

Four Wheel Campers

Based in Woodland, California, since 1971 Four Wheel Campers builds one thing—pop-up campers for the backs of trucks. The trucks that get the campers can range from mid-sized trucks like the Toyota Tacoma to what we had, a big, beefy Ford F-350 four-wheel-drive diesel. The company also makes a lot of models for flat-bed trucks. That provides more space and makes the rig almost like a Class C sorta kinda. My experience started in their factory watching the company put together the campers themselves. Actually, it really started in their showroom. There you can tour several dozen campers of various sizes and configurations to get an idea of what you might want for your own camper. From there it was out to the shop where my wife got to lift a fully finished welded aluminum frame—they’re really light. From the frame they skin them in aluminum, either corrugated or smooth-sided. Then they finish out the interiors based on customer choices. On the subject of aluminum, the pop-up roof is a single piece of the stuff, so leaks aren’t

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