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Adventuring out west with a Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed Camper

Adventuring out west with a Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed Camper

The nation’s first national park, Yellowstone, remains an awe-inspiring place with geysers, mud pots, and wildlife. However, a unique attraction presented itself in the parking lot outside Mammoth, Wyoming: the Four Wheel Campers (FWC) Hawk Flatbed Camper. Tourists gawked and took pictures of our adventure vehicle/camper. The Hawk Flatbed Camper, mounted to a Norweld aluminum tray, and sitting on a 2021 Ram 3500 made this the ultimate Yellowstone attraction. Ha! It creates the ultimate adventure vehicle.

“What’s this?” A tourist asked.
“It’s a Four Wheel Camper.” I replied.
“A what?” Another tourist remarked.

Much of the exchanges followed that pattern as my family and I adventured for a few weeks in the states of Wyoming and Montana. And lucky for us, the FWC Hawk Camper and Ram 3500 (on loan from FWC) was our home for this western adventure.

We entered Yellowstone late in the day when the rest of the traffic was leaving the park. Immediately, we noticed the grandeur and beauty of Yellowstone. The Ram 3500, equipped with a diesel engine, motored along the Madison River. We noticed a few buffalo nibbling the tall green grasses.

Our site at Mammoth Campground proved ideal. The camper’s pop top erected easily; and before long, Louise and Lilly were cooking dinner. A few campers approached to inquire about the truck/camper combo. A bull elk wandered through camp.

The FWC Hawk Camper can transition to “travel mode” in a matter of minutes. The following morning, I dropped the top, locked the latches, and we were off. We stopped at Mammoth Springs and hiked through the

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