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slide in pop up truck campers

What is a Slide-In

Watch a 30 sec explaining video

Slide-In Models

The below Slide-in camper models fit specific trucks based on the truck size (full size or mid size) and on the length of the truck bed, 5 plus feet , 6 plus feet and 8 feet. Also, the below “Shell” camper versions are not offered with water systems (sink or shower) or shore (external) power connectivity. The “Shell” delivers a lower cost and slightly lower weight for our slide-in camper model.

SHELL MODEL CAMPERS = Not available with a sink, fridge, shower, or shore power
BASE NON-SHELL CAMPERS = Come standard with a stove, sink, fridge, etc.

Slide-In Model Floorplans

Slide-In Camper Videos

Loading & Unloading Your Slide-in Camper

Cabover Bed

Camper Siding

Loading & Unloading a slide-in camper from a 2005 – 2021 Toyota Tacoma

Four Wheel Pop-up Truck Camper (Swift Model) “TravelandShare” Romulo & Mirella

Slide-In Camper Walkthrough

Shell Camper Walkthrough

slide in campers

Winter Storm Camping in a Four Wheel Pop up Truck Camper

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