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Category: Camping Trip Tips

  • Campsite Sense: Tips & Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Campsite

    Campsite Sense: Tips & Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Campsite

    By Gary & Gretchen Matos Our return trip home from Southern California started in darkness.  We wanted to outrun the traffic of Los Angeles and the atmospheric river of rain that was threatening to slow us down.  We misjudged on one account which made me think of Jerry Jeff Walker’s ‘LA Freeway’ song.  We just wanted to get out alive!  A river of cars were already flowing at 5am but we prevailed.  By early afternoon we landed at El Capitan State Beach – one of few campgrounds that had not closed due to flooding.  We were looking forward to stretching our legs, having an early happy hour and getting in a short nap – and not necessarily in that order!  While driving the Read More…

  • Best (And Worst) Places to Camp in 2024

    Best (And Worst) Places to Camp in 2024

    Happy New Year! With a new season comes new goals, adventures, and aspirations in your truck camper. This might be the big year you’re planning to hit the road long term in your Grandby, or perhaps your goal is to get out and explore more with your family in your Hawk.  Times and places are constantly evolving, and every year we see new campgrounds & new regulations when it comes to camping and exploring in the outdoors. We’ve compiled a list of the best (and worst) places to camp in 2024, including campsites, national forests, national parks, and wilderness areas to explore. Best (And Worst) Places to Camp in 2024 Best: North Cascades National Park, Washington  It’s remote location keeps Read More…

  • <strong>9 Great Places to Camp for Christmas</strong>

    9 Great Places to Camp for Christmas

    In North America, Christmas and camping aren’t often two words used in the same sentence. When we think of Christmas, many of us picture snowed-in mountain cabins, crackling fireplaces, and fuzzy socks running about decorated living rooms.  However, Christmas is also one of the best weeks to travel. Many get extended time off work, offering the opportunity to travel while taking fewer days off. And surprisingly, there are many incredible places to camp during the holidays in your Four Wheel Camper. Whether in your built-out flatbed camper or pop-up truck topper, here are a few of our favorites to escape to during the holidays:   9 Great Places to Camp for Christmas #1 Jekyll Island State Park, Georgia  If you are Read More…

  • <strong>How to Stay Warm While Winter Camping</strong>

    How to Stay Warm While Winter Camping

    Contrary to popular belief, winter camping can be an enjoyable adventure! The key between a winter camping trip that borderlines suffering and one that is pleasant comes down to a few critical tips and gear.  As experts in all-season camping here at Four Wheel Campers, here are our biggest tips for staying warm while winter camping.  1. Choose Your Camping Setup Wisely  Where you’re sleeping when winter camping makes a big difference! Will you be sleeping in a tent? In a truck camper? Or in an RV? Tent camping will require the most preparation and gear, and you’ll want to ensure your tent is rated for winter camping. If you have a truck camper, invest in add-ons like the quilted Read More…

  • Best Rivers to Fly Fish in The United States

    Best Rivers to Fly Fish in The United States

    Many of those in our 4×4 camper community love to pack their fishing gear on trips. Lucky for us, there are an unbelievable number of great fly fishing spots in the United States, from lake fishing in the Midwest to fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains. If you’re an avid fisherman who is looking for the best place to set up camp and cast your fly fishing pole for a few days, we’ve curated a list of the best rivers to fly fish in the United States!  Best Rivers to Fly Fish In the U.S. 1. Clark Fork River, Montana The Clark Fork River is a section of the Columbia River and spans 310 miles between Idaho and Montana. The Read More…

  • What to See Along Route 66: Complete Road Trip Guide

    What to See Along Route 66: Complete Road Trip Guide

    Nearly everyone has heard of the classic road trip adventure along Route 66, which stretches over 2,400 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica. Along the way, there’s a little bit of everything, from funky roadside attractions to beautiful natural wonders.  Planning what to see along Route 66 can be one of the most difficult parts, as stopping for every attraction along the way will turn a long journey into and forever journey. There’s just too much to do!  Many of those who do Route 66 also don’t like lugging big RVs or trailers through the route. It starts in downtown Chicago and ends near LA, after all! But it’s a perfect option for our truck camper family in Four Wheel Read More…

  • Safety Tips When Camping in Bear Country

    Safety Tips When Camping in Bear Country

    Bears are wonderful creatures, but they are also mighty creatures. Camping in bear country is just part of life, and you’ll most likely experience it at least once, as at least 40 U.S. states are home to black bears.  Before setting up camp and grilling steaks for dinner, it’s important to understand bear safety, such as food storage, leave no trace principles, and the importance of carrying bear spray. Safety Tips When Camping in Bear Country Understanding the Difference: Black Bears vs. Brown Bears Black Bears: Black bears are the most common species of bear in North America. Despite their name, their fur color can vary from black to brown, cinnamon, or even blonde, meaning they are often mistaken for Read More…

  • Top 20 Tips For Travelling Down The West Coast Of America In A Campervan

    Top 20 Tips For Travelling Down The West Coast Of America In A Campervan

    The pull of the open road down the West Coast of America is something that has attracted tourists and thrill seekers from all over the globe for decades. Sun, surf, sea, forests, beaches, and incredible scenery await all those who arrive in California, and with a campervan or tiny trailer in tow, it’s never been easier to call beautiful vistas home for the night, making memories that will last a lifetime along the way. I’ve spent the past 3 weeks travelling down the West Coast of America in a Grandby Flatbed Truck Camper from Four Wheel Campers, living both off-grid and in campsites in a bid to come up with the ultimate guide to living comfortably on the road, seeing Read More…

  • 10 Essential Tips On How To Live In A Four Wheel Camper

    10 Essential Tips On How To Live In A Four Wheel Camper

    Looking to live or travel in a Four Wheel Camper? These iconic campers have been turning heads and making jaws drop since 1972, and I’ve been lucky enough to take them both on and off road on many exciting journeys over the years. Whether heading to your favourite surf spots or off roading in forests or the desert, these campers can withstand anything that nature throws at them, are lightweight, and come equipped with all the tools that you need to live off grid. hey’re the perfect way to explore America, and for those of you looking to add a Four Wheel Camper to your set-up, I’ve compiled 10 essential tips on how to make one of these epic pop-top Read More…

  • Campfire Safety Tips

    Campfire Safety Tips

    Spring is just around the corner, and this means that truck camper season is almost here! As the weather warms up and you get ready to hit the road, you can help keep your travels safe by brushing up on some important camping fire safety tips. The past few seasons have seen their fair share of devastating wildfires, and the dry climate paired with an increase of campfires and propane use underscore the importance of responsible outdoor recreation.  If you want to do your part in minimizing the risk of fire while offroading and camping, here are some helpful things to keep in mind: Ensure Your Smoke, Propane, and CO2 Detector Are in Working Order The National Park Service reports Read More…

  • 7 Tips for Camping in a National Forest

    7 Tips for Camping in a National Forest

    Camping in a National Forest is free for up to 14 days in most locations around the United States. It’s an excellent option for those looking to get out and explore beyond the pavement, but one should follow some unique rules and tips before heading out.  1. NEVER Leave Anything Behind  Camping in a National Forest means no facilities, such as restrooms, trash cans, or water. Before you go, make sure you are ready to follow leave no trace principles. There are seven definitive principles to follow to ensure the forest is left for future generations to enjoy:  Camp on durable surfaces  Plan and prepare ahead  Dispose of waste properly  Leave what you find behind  Minimize campfire impacts  Respect wildlife  Read More…

  • 10 Best Accessories for The Project M

    10 Best Accessories for The Project M

    The Project M may be our most minimalist truck camper option, but that’s doesn’t mean you can’t deck it out and turn it into a beastly adventure rig! If planning to adventure hard and travel light, here are our top recommendations for this truck topper: Camp Stove  Some people say that a camping trip is only as good as the food, and we say we couldn’t agree more! The Project M is the perfect setup to relax at camp, cook on the tailgate, and take in the surrounding views. Depending on budget and space, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to camp stoves, from collapsible backpacking stoves to two-burner setups.  Portable Power Station  Get prepped to Read More…

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