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  • Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

    Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

    Congratulations, retiree!  Stepping into retirement is a big deal – the world is at your fingertips! You want to get out, explore, and make the most of all those years of hard work.  But often, people jump into retirement making a big purchase they regret down the road. Buying an RV is perhaps the biggest example of this. Sure a big, glamorous, RV seems like the perfect retirement purchase, but there are many limitations in an RV that lead retirees to sell them after buying them. Here are some of the biggest reasons you’ll regret getting an RV in retirement (and what you should buy instead!)  Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement  1. The Size  I mean, RVs are Read More…

  • Best Places to Stargaze in the United States

    Best Places to Stargaze in the United States

    The moment your pop up truck camper is set up, the fire is lit, and the stars arrive, is one of the best feelings, especially on those warm summer nights when you can watch the Milky Way for hours. It feels as if the world pauses and you can recognize how important the little moments are.  If you love star chasing in your pop up truck camper, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the best places to stargaze in the United States:  Best Places to Stargaze in the United States 1. Ruby Mountains Wilderness, Nevada  On a route note frequented by most western road trippers, the Ruby Mountain Wilderness is wild, remote, and stunning. It’s located just outside Read More…

  • The Perfect Campsite Challenge

    The Perfect Campsite Challenge

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  • 8 Breweries You Can Camp At With Your Four Wheel Camper

    8 Breweries You Can Camp At With Your Four Wheel Camper

    There’s nothing like a cold brew after a long day of travel. Better yet, there is nothing better than a cold hard brew at a brewery when your truck camper is only a few feet away!  If road trips and craft brews are two of your favorite things, this is the perfect Four Wheel Camper blog for you as we’re breaking down 8 breweries you can camp at across the country.  Breweries You Can Camp At in 2024 1. Ten Sleep Brewery, Wyoming  Located at the base of the Big Horn Mountains a couple of hours from Yellowstone National Park, Ten Sleep Brewery is the ideal spot to park your truck camper rig at the base of epic outdoor adventure. Read More…

  • Ski Resorts Where You Can Winter Camp in the Parking Lot

    Ski Resorts Where You Can Winter Camp in the Parking Lot

    Embarking on a winter camping adventure offers unparalleled satisfaction, especially when you wake up snug and on-site in your pop-up truck camper, RV, or van. With ample time to prepare, savor a steaming cup of coffee, and hit the slopes early to carve out fresh tracks, the experience is truly gratifying. Having a convenient “home base” at the mountain’s base allows for seamless ski-in, ski-out access for lunch breaks, wardrobe changes, and even a quick nap, offering a level of luxury unmatched in the skiing and snowboard community. For those seeking this unique blend of outdoor exploration and comfort, we’ve put together a selection of ski resorts where winter camping is not only permitted but encouraged. We only have a Read More…

  • Best (And Worst) Places to Camp in 2024

    Best (And Worst) Places to Camp in 2024

    Happy New Year! With a new season comes new goals, adventures, and aspirations in your truck camper. This might be the big year you’re planning to hit the road long term in your Grandby, or perhaps your goal is to get out and explore more with your family in your Hawk.  Times and places are constantly evolving, and every year we see new campgrounds & new regulations when it comes to camping and exploring in the outdoors. We’ve compiled a list of the best (and worst) places to camp in 2024, including campsites, national forests, national parks, and wilderness areas to explore. Best (And Worst) Places to Camp in 2024 Best: North Cascades National Park, Washington  It’s remote location keeps Read More…

  • <strong>9 Great Places to Camp for Christmas</strong>

    9 Great Places to Camp for Christmas

    In North America, Christmas and camping aren’t often two words used in the same sentence. When we think of Christmas, many of us picture snowed-in mountain cabins, crackling fireplaces, and fuzzy socks running about decorated living rooms.  However, Christmas is also one of the best weeks to travel. Many get extended time off work, offering the opportunity to travel while taking fewer days off. And surprisingly, there are many incredible places to camp during the holidays in your Four Wheel Camper. Whether in your built-out flatbed camper or pop-up truck topper, here are a few of our favorites to escape to during the holidays:   9 Great Places to Camp for Christmas #1 Jekyll Island State Park, Georgia  If you are Read More…

  • <strong>Tips for Staying Safe When Camping Alone</strong>

    Tips for Staying Safe When Camping Alone

    Heading out to camp alone can be both exhilarating and overwhelming! Thousands of people camp out alone every night around the country, and it’s an experience we recommend everyone to try out at least once. However, we understand camping alone is most likely a step outside your comfort zone the first time you do it, so we’ve crafted the ultimate list of how to stay safe when camping alone.  1. Research Camping Spots Before You Arrive  Having a plan ahead of time makes all the difference when camping alone. It can be incredibly stressful scrambling last minute in the dark, at a new location, and without any help/support. Pick a place before you arrive and have a second backup location Read More…

  • Six Best Ghost Towns in the United States

    There are dozens of ghost towns across the country, from deep Appalachia to the remote Death Valley Desert. Some of the towns are preserved & maintained by government agencies such as the National Park Service, while some are left completely abandoned, where only a few buildings but many ghost stories remain. Many travelers, from urban explorers to historians, explore ghost towns. Some are tourist towns, some so remote one must cross three rivers to reach the destination. All are unique and hold their spot in American history. And in true Four Wheel Camper style, we had to make sure some of the ghost towns mentioned are 4×4 only! So pack up your truck camper and enjoy the ride to the Read More…

  • The Most Affordable 4×4 Camper: The Project M Topper Camper

    The Most Affordable 4×4 Camper: The Project M Topper Camper

    Embarking on off-road adventures and exploring remote destinations has never been more accessible than with a lightweight camper. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of the Project M, our most affordable pop-up truck camper that combines affordability, durability, and versatility. We’ll explore how its lightweight design provides increased access to campsites, trails, and roads, making it the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures big and small. We love this setup, and we hope you do, too! Why We Love the Project M as a 4×4 Camper Like the slide-in campers, the Project M is cab-over truck camper. It is a game-changer in the realm of lightweight campers. Built for the rugged demands of off-road exploration, it strikes the Read More…

  • Safety Tips When Camping in Bear Country

    Safety Tips When Camping in Bear Country

    Bears are wonderful creatures, but they are also mighty creatures. Camping in bear country is just part of life, and you’ll most likely experience it at least once, as at least 40 U.S. states are home to black bears.  Before setting up camp and grilling steaks for dinner, it’s important to understand bear safety, such as food storage, leave no trace principles, and the importance of carrying bear spray. Safety Tips When Camping in Bear Country Understanding the Difference: Black Bears vs. Brown Bears Black Bears: Black bears are the most common species of bear in North America. Despite their name, their fur color can vary from black to brown, cinnamon, or even blonde, meaning they are often mistaken for Read More…

  • Campfire Safety Tips

    Campfire Safety Tips

    Spring is just around the corner, and this means that truck camper season is almost here! As the weather warms up and you get ready to hit the road, you can help keep your travels safe by brushing up on some important camping fire safety tips. The past few seasons have seen their fair share of devastating wildfires, and the dry climate paired with an increase of campfires and propane use underscore the importance of responsible outdoor recreation.  If you want to do your part in minimizing the risk of fire while offroading and camping, here are some helpful things to keep in mind: Ensure Your Smoke, Propane, and CO2 Detector Are in Working Order The National Park Service reports Read More…

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