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  • Will Work For Spontaneous Shenanigans (Truck Camper Magazine)

    Will Work For Spontaneous Shenanigans (Truck Camper Magazine)

    Full-time truck campers, Jessica O’Bryan and Charles Rollins, work hard, make sacrifices, and then surf, climb and explore their bliss – all from their flatbed Four Wheel Camper.  Why wake up in the same place every day? The concept of sacrifice as the path towards achieving one’s goals isn’t anything new.  Most of us have all sacrificed our time and freedom of location to make money, or to reach our long-term career objectives.  Why else would we drive to the same building, year after year and work for 40 or 50-hours a week?  For that considerable sacrifice, we support ourselves and our families and can have what we need, and hopefully more. However, sacrifice does not mean the same thing Read More…

  • The Parashant National Monument: Ride to the Rim  (The Adventure Portal)

    The Parashant National Monument: Ride to the Rim (The Adventure Portal)

    Over the years somehow we seem to have missed the Parashant National Monument, so I was stoked to be asked to join a recent Four Wheel Campers Owners Tour through this area. The tour was lead by our good friend Bob Wohlers, owner of Off-Road Safety Academy, who has years of experience in this region. We were in good hands. The plan was to head south and camp at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and then east to visit Nampaweap up in the Mount Trumbull Wilderness area. DAY 1: Ride To The Rim The day started at 7.30 am in the Denny’s parking lot in St George with a safety briefing, general instruction and introductions. The tour group Read More…

  • Hawk UTE Flatbed: Finding the perfect rig (The Adventure Portal)

    Hawk UTE Flatbed: Finding the perfect rig (The Adventure Portal)

    For better or worse, I’ve gotten soft. I turned 50 last year and though I still ride my mountain bike like a 20 year old, albeit one with a gut and less hair, I’ve come to appreciate that enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t have to involve some level of suffering. As a young backpacker I tossed an emergency blanket on the ground, on top of which went my sleeping bag with nothing else between me and nature. I eventually graduated to a sleeping pad, inside a tent. Ten years later, at 30, I bought a Tacoma, installed a shell on the bed and built a plywood platform with gear storage below and an egg crate mattress topper on top. Oh, Read More…

  • Justin Chatwin: The Balance of Acting and Adventure (Truck Camper)

    Justin Chatwin: The Balance of Acting and Adventure (Truck Camper)

    When Justin Chatwin isn’t on set, you may find him on a remote Baja beach, or in a small village in South America.  On camera or in his Four Wheel Camper, he finds purpose, play, and peace between his two extraordinary worlds. The proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” dates back to 1659 and still resonates, but the next line is equally important; “All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.” No matter our station in life, we need a healthy balance between work and play to remain centered and happy.  Without this equilibrium, we are often anxious and unsettled.  The proverb remains true, 362 years later. Reading 38-year old Justin Chatwin’s extensive resume, it would Read More…

  • Too Far Gone – The Adventure Portal

    Too Far Gone – The Adventure Portal

    A photo essay by Adventure Photographer, Andy Best It’s three o’clock in the morning. My pillow is frozen to the side of the camper. Moonlight pours through the vent above the bed, spilling across the blankets half covering a shivering little body. Slow puffs of frozen breath stretch like small clouds above our heads. “Damn it, the propane is out…”, I think to myself. A slow rumbling sound turns to slow heaves from the floor below. Our pup Sequoia is obviously sick and is about to explode. In two moves I blast out of bed and practically cartwheel across our small table and on top of the dog. I moved shoes and her bed just in time for her to Read More…

  • Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – Truck Camper Magazine

    Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – Truck Camper Magazine

    “Dad, what’s this?” My daughter, Lilly, questioned. “It’s our home for the next week or so.” I replied. Lilly, her friend Eva, and I stood in front of Four Wheel Camper’s (FWC) headquarters in Woodland, California. Not only were we standing but staring, maybe even gawking, at the beautiful truck and camper combination that we would experience for the next nine days. We couldn’t wait! My family spends countless days exploring the western United States, always searching for adventures along the way. For camping, we have used numerous ground tents and a few roof top tents. At times, we even camped outside on cots. However, never had we experienced a camper with all the “at home goodies” mounted on a Read More…

  • High Sierra Adventure in a Four Wheel Pop-Up Truck Camper – Savage Camper

    High Sierra Adventure in a Four Wheel Pop-Up Truck Camper – Savage Camper

    With a short time frame of roughly five days in the Four Wheel Camper AEV rig, I was able to squeeze in a couple Sierra Nevada adventures. The first involved the truck camper in an off road 4×4 adventure where a friend and I traversed a steep valley of dirt roads, through creek crossings, got caught in a surprise storm and made a bit of a dramatic exit. After the 1st dramatic trip, cravings were strong for some rest and relaxation while still I still had the Four Wheel pop-up truck camper on-hand. I decided to head back out from the Bay Area through Truckee, CA and into the High Sierra valley near Portola, CA. I took a chance in hopes of Read More…

  • FWC Owner Survives 300-Ft Mountain Rollover and Fall

    FWC Owner Survives 300-Ft Mountain Rollover and Fall

    Fifty-two-year-old Marine veteran Sean Silvera was stoked when he completed work on his truck camper build in January. He purchased the best suspension upgrades for his Ram 2500 that money could buy, installed an imported aluminum tray outfitted with all the bells and whistles, and topped it all off with a brand-new Four Wheel Camper (FWC) Flatbed Hawk. In all, Sean spent $175,000 on the rig, but the results were worth it. “It was a one-of-a-kind truck,” Sean said. “It was a Ram AEV Prospector XL, so it was on 40’s. It was their full build. I put one of the first PCOR4x4 off-road trays on it from Australia. I put a Hawk Ute flatbed camper on it and really built that out for off-grid Read More…

  • Returning to our Roots – Overland Journal

    Returning to our Roots – Overland Journal

    Sweaty palms. Blood flowing quickly through our veins. Butterflies blooming in our bellies. We were Yosemite bound. The thought of being suspended thousands of feet over the valley floor, balancing on webbing no thicker than a thumb, began to consume our minds with each passing mile. Since departing sea level, we’d been eastbound for the high desert, redwood forests, and everything in between. We’d set out to put the new rig, our Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab Limited Edition Four Wheel Camper, to the test on a classic California overlanding expedition. After each of us spent four years living full-time on the road (Travis in his 1994 Dodge Ram van and me in my 1983 VW Westfalia), we paused our travel-centric Read More…

  • A west coast Adventure – The Adventure Portal

    A west coast Adventure – The Adventure Portal

    What happens when two very active people meet, fall in love, get married and make the choice to leave traditional home-based life behind to live on the road? They build an adventure rig that reflects their very active and dare I say it, ‘adventurous’ lifestyle. We purchased a 2018 Tundra (used), removed the bed and bolted a Norweld aluminum flatbed tray in its place as our solid foundation. The tray resembles a supersized swiss army knife. Next we added a 2.5-inch Dobinson’s lift and propped it up on 35’s, Firestone airbags and threw an ARB cow-catcher (think Mexico/Baja rock climbing/surf trips) on the front as our bumper. What do you put on this badass platform that would be capable of withstanding all the abuse we would Read More…

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