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  • Downsizing from a Fifth Wheel to a Truck Camper

    Downsizing from a Fifth Wheel to a Truck Camper

    by Rene Agredano “RVers are supposed to go up in size, not down!” our friends told us when we announced our decision to downsize from a fifth-wheel to a pop-up truck camper. But after 16 years of full-time RVing in a trailer, this radical change was a long time coming. Trading a fifth-wheel for a pop-up truck camper is allowing us to dive even deeper into the RV camping lifestyle we love so much. Today we enjoy a greater sense of ease on the road, and at a much lower cost of ownership. We think this decision is proving to be one of our best moves yet, and here’s why. Five years ago if you told us we would be Read More…

  • <strong>Five Best Accessories For Your Four Wheel Camper</strong>

    Five Best Accessories For Your Four Wheel Camper

    If you ask us, the toughest part about buying a Four Wheel Camper isn’t deciding that you will buy one; it’s deciding precisely what to add to it! After all, we know our ‘accessories’ list is quite extensive.  Over time, we’ve garnered responses from our Four Wheel Camper community about what add-ons they appreciate the most and what ones they say are a must when building our your custom truck camper.  1. Thermal Pack If you will ever camp in temperatures below 45 degrees or hotter than 85 degrees, our thermal pack is one of our most popular camping add-ons. In the past few months, we’ve announced our newest and most upgraded thermal pack, a quilted 3-layer thermal pack for Read More…

  • Why Truck Campers Are the New Full-Time Rigs

    Why Truck Campers Are the New Full-Time Rigs

    More people than ever are choosing to live full-time on the road, whether it’s a gap year from college or a retirement plan. Choosing this lifestyle is free, full of opportunities, and embracing every adventure life throws us. It’s been a little over a decade since ‘vanlife’ and ‘living on the road’ resurfaced in popularity, and now we are seeing another shift in this lifestyle. Many who have been full-time for numerous years are trading in their vehicles. Vanlifers are selling their vans and upgrading to rigs with more accessibility and versatility. We’re unsure what this new lifestyle is called since ‘vanlife’ no longer quite fits – riglife, maybe? Either way, we love the transition! Why Vanlifers are Switching to Read More…

  • The Most Affordable 4×4 Camper: The Project M Topper Camper

    The Most Affordable 4×4 Camper: The Project M Topper Camper

    Embarking on off-road adventures and exploring remote destinations has never been more accessible than with a lightweight camper. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of the Project M, our most affordable pop-up truck camper that combines affordability, durability, and versatility. We’ll explore how its lightweight design provides increased access to campsites, trails, and roads, making it the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures big and small. We love this setup, and we hope you do, too! Why We Love the Project M as a 4×4 Camper Like the slide-in campers, the Project M is cab-over truck camper. It is a game-changer in the realm of lightweight campers. Built for the rugged demands of off-road exploration, it strikes the Read More…

  • Project M Camper Factory Install on 1983 Chevy K10 Long Bed Squarebody (Savage Camper)

    Project M Camper Factory Install on 1983 Chevy K10 Long Bed Squarebody (Savage Camper)

    If you’ve followed Savage Camper, it’s no secret I’m a fan of Four Wheel Campers. Over the last few years, I’ve attended some of their events for blogging/vlogging. I’ve gotten to know some FWC owners, and have worked collaboratively with FWC in other ways. The employees at FWC are a fantastic group of skilled, nice people that are really down to earth. The #BigRedK10 build, using a 1983 Chevy K10 6.2 diesel long bed as the platform, received FWC sponsorship as a unique idea to promote their Project M camper that heralds back to nostalgic roots via the Savage Camper brand. I’m also a fan because Four Wheel Campers has been building them for 50 years! Not only do they have Read More…

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