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  • 7 Days Solo With Four Wheel Campers: From Point Reyes To Lake Tahoe

    7 Days Solo With Four Wheel Campers: From Point Reyes To Lake Tahoe

     Parked Without A Plan  I arrived in Sacramento for a 7-day solo trip in one of Four Wheel Campers’ model rigs with nothing but a scarce idea of a handful of places I hoped to see. I wasn’t exactly surprised to suddenly find myself somewhat frozen after the logistics were taken care of.  I sat in the parking lot of Food 4 Less on the outskirts of the city, staring at Google Maps on my phone and listening to the gentle roar of the diesel truck.   I’d be driving for the next seven days. I had made my cross-country flight. I had picked up the rig. I had secured provisions to get me through the week.  Now what…?  When In Read More…

  • In Pursuit of More

    In Pursuit of More

     by Alexandria Gallizioli  It was starting to feel as if I had tried it all – I grew up camping in tents and RV’s, bought my first van in early adulthood, and more recently, converted a school bus to live in full-time with my dog, Terra. And while these methods of overland travel are all great in their own way, there was always a fatal flaw that rendered them short of ideal.  Tent camping is amazing until winter (my favorite season) sets in, RV’s seem cool until you have to run a generator 24/7, and the van/bus life movements are fun until you realize how limited you are on where you are able venture. I found myself surrounded by hundreds Read More…

  • 10 days in a Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper: RV Review

    10 days in a Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper: RV Review

    Today’s review of the Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper is very, very different in a lot of ways. The biggest change in this is that I got to spend ten days in the camper touring some wonderful spots on the West Coast. Life experience I often do these reviews from the standpoint of either seeing the rigs in person or seeing a well-done video of them. (Thank you, Josh Winters!) But this one was done having borrowed the camper and spending almost two weeks out on the road with it. It certainly gave me a unique perspective and appreciation for it and the pickup camper lifestyle. This was not unlike how I used to do reviews of new vehicles. Read More…

  • Slide-In Models

    Slide-In Models

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