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  • <strong>Tips for Staying Safe When Camping Alone</strong>

    Tips for Staying Safe When Camping Alone

    Heading out to camp alone can be both exhilarating and overwhelming! Thousands of people camp out alone every night around the country, and it’s an experience we recommend everyone to try out at least once. However, we understand camping alone is most likely a step outside your comfort zone the first time you do it, so we’ve crafted the ultimate list of how to stay safe when camping alone.  1. Research Camping Spots Before You Arrive  Having a plan ahead of time makes all the difference when camping alone. It can be incredibly stressful scrambling last minute in the dark, at a new location, and without any help/support. Pick a place before you arrive and have a second backup location Read More…

  • <strong>How to Stay Warm While Winter Camping</strong>

    How to Stay Warm While Winter Camping

    Contrary to popular belief, winter camping can be an enjoyable adventure! The key between a winter camping trip that borderlines suffering and one that is pleasant comes down to a few critical tips and gear.  As experts in all-season camping here at Four Wheel Campers, here are our biggest tips for staying warm while winter camping.  1. Choose Your Camping Setup Wisely  Where you’re sleeping when winter camping makes a big difference! Will you be sleeping in a tent? In a truck camper? Or in an RV? Tent camping will require the most preparation and gear, and you’ll want to ensure your tent is rated for winter camping. If you have a truck camper, invest in add-ons like the quilted Read More…

  • Everything to Have in Your Offroad Recovery Kit

    Everything to Have in Your Offroad Recovery Kit

    It will probably happen to all of us at some point – we’ll get a flat tire, get stuck in the sand, or have to help someone else out of the ditch. An offroad recovery kit is essential if you travel often, travel off-road, or in the winter. Deciding what to have in your truck as part of your kit can be challenging. There’s the constant battle of overkill vs. underprepared while trying to keep everything organized. After years of building 4×4 truck campers, here are our biggest recommendations for what to put in your offroad recovery kit: 1. Traction Mats  Traction mats are vital if you get your truck camper stuck in mud, sand, snow, or ice. Many of Read More…

  • <strong>9 Best National Parks to Visit in The Fall</strong>

    9 Best National Parks to Visit in The Fall

    1. Yellowstone  If you want to see wildlife, Old Faithful, or Grand Prismatic Spring without crowds, October is the perfect time to visit. During peak tourist season in the summer, parking lines for sites like Grand Prismatic can stretch a mile down the road. Wildlife will be hard to stop for (since everyone will already be fighting for parking spots), and nearby towns will be quiet and calm. Better yet, wildlife flourishes in the fall in Yellowstone. Late summer is the worst time to visit for wildlife, but many species, including bison, grizzly bears, and elk, come down from high tundra mountains to lower Yellowstone valleys in the fall in preparation for winter, making it the perfect time to visit. Read More…

  • Things to Know Before Hitting the Road Full Time

    Things to Know Before Hitting the Road Full Time

    Embarking on a full-time adventure on the open road is a dream for many. It offers the freedom to explore breathtaking landscapes, complete freedom, and create unforgettable memories. If you’re considering going full-time and want to know the essentials before hitting the road, we’re here to help! Here is everything you need know before hitting the road full-time in your truck camper or van: Choosing Your Rig One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting the perfect rig for your adventure. These days full-timers use a variety of setups in order to live on the road full-time, and the rig you choose will have a drastic impact on what you do.  Pop-up truck campers are lightweight and provide Read More…

  • Safety Tips When Camping in Bear Country

    Safety Tips When Camping in Bear Country

    Bears are wonderful creatures, but they are also mighty creatures. Camping in bear country is just part of life, and you’ll most likely experience it at least once, as at least 40 U.S. states are home to black bears.  Before setting up camp and grilling steaks for dinner, it’s important to understand bear safety, such as food storage, leave no trace principles, and the importance of carrying bear spray. Safety Tips When Camping in Bear Country Understanding the Difference: Black Bears vs. Brown Bears Black Bears: Black bears are the most common species of bear in North America. Despite their name, their fur color can vary from black to brown, cinnamon, or even blonde, meaning they are often mistaken for Read More…

  • Overlanding vs. Off-Roading: What’s The Difference?

    Overlanding vs. Off-Roading: What’s The Difference?

    Overlanding and off-roading are often used interchangeably, but they are actually very different activities! They do have some similarities, but many of those who purchase our pop up truck campers are interested specifically in overlanding. If you are just getting into the hobby of overlanding and wondering how it differs, here is our full guide when it comes to overlanding vs. off-roading. What is Overlanding? Overlanding is a form of self-reliant, long-distance travel that involves exploring remote areas and traversing rugged terrains in a truck camper or equipped rig that can handle 4×4 roads or rough terrain. We have an entire blog post dedicated to the best overlanding routes in the United States that you can find here. With overlanding, Read More…

  • 6 Best Road Trips From Los Angeles 

    6 Best Road Trips From Los Angeles 

    Here at Four Wheel Campers, our two favorite words are “road trip!”  That’s where our company started, families getting on the road, packing up their slide in campers, and driving into the sunset on a new adventure.  Los Angeles’ geographic location makes it a perfect place to start an epic adventure. Whether looking for a long weekend away or a month-long itinerary that checks all the boxes, here is our list of best road trips from Los Angeles:    Nevada & Arizona  If you are looking for a fun loop trip that includes both cities and a touch of nature, the Nevada & Arizona loop is the perfect road trip from Los Angeles. Begin your trip heading northeast on I-15 Read More…

  • Camping 101: Best Camping Gear for Beginners

    Camping 101: Best Camping Gear for Beginners

    Camping is one of the best ways to get out and explore. At Four Wheel Campers, we encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors, no matter their experience. After all, we all started somewhere! No one starts out knowing all the tips and tricks of the best camping gear. So whether you’re car camping at a state park or aiming to hear into the backcountry, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite camping gear every beginner should add to their list.  Best Camping Gear for Beginners Camping Stove  Hot dogs over a fire are always a good idea when camping, but a camp stove is one of the easiest and most affordable pieces of equipment to add to your Read More…

  • What is Overlanding?

    What is Overlanding?

    Overlanding’s popularity has increased significantly in recent years, and it’s a term we often use with our Four Wheel Campers family. Because we build 4×4 campers, many overlanders use our slide-in campers, flatbeds, and truck toppers specifically for overlanding excursions.  So if you’ve ever wondered what overlanding is, or if you’re interested in getting into it yourself, here is a complete guide to getting you started.  What is Overlanding? Our definition of overlanding is  “The act of traveling to remote and desolate locations, which can last for days, weeks, or years, with self-reliant tools and equipment.”  Unlike overnight camping in a national forest or state park, overlanding typically takes place on remote roads and terrain for days or weeks, with Read More…

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