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FWC Owner’s Rally & Campout (Nor Cal)

FWC Owner’s Rally & Campout (Nor Cal)
  • Event is over – June 9, 2019 @ 11:00 am PDT
  • Lake Tahoe Area, CA (June 7-9)
Lake Tahoe Area, California

Do you own a Four Wheel Pop-up Truck Camper?

Then please consider joining us for our 7th Annual Northern California Customer Rally & Campout !

It will be a blast. Hang out, relax, meet like-minded people, and explore the beautiful Sierra Mountains.

Four Wheel Campers has reserved a 1500 acre private ranch for weekend event

DATES: June 7th – 9th, 2019.

COST: $ 150.00 per truck/camper (not per customer).

LOCATION: Beckwourth CA  (North of Lake Tahoe, CA)


ACCOMMODATIONS: Remote camping / dispersed camping in a beautiful High Sierra meadow. It is a great way to use your camper as it was designed. Off-the grid, and away from the crowded cities. Find you spot, make camp, and enjoy the endless stars at night.

Restroom Accommodations: The ranch will be renting Porta Pottis for us and having them on site for the event. You are more than welcome to use your own porta potti (if your camper has one).

Shower Accommodations: Unfortunately there are NO on-site bathrooms or shower facilities at the ranch. There will be a couple places where you can fill up your camper water tank if needed. Customers will either be using their solar showers, their built-in camper showers (if you have one), jumping in the pond for a cool dip, or not showering for the 2 nights we are camping there.

Four Wheel Campers will provide dinner on Friday night, a continental breakfast on Saturday morning, another dinner on Saturday evening, and a light continental breakfast Sunday morning.

Note: If you have special food needs, please bring your own special food or snacks. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accommodate everyone’s food needs, but we will do our best!!

Potluck Desserts: Feel free to bring your favorite dessert to share on Friday, Saturday night, or for both nights.

Items you might want to consider bringing for the weekend:

Bring your own chairs, sunscreen, hats, drinking water, snacks, your specialty food and drinks.

Dogs are more than welcome, as long as they are kept on a leash. Please be considerate and pick up after their droppings.

Other Small Considerations:

No open campfires unless authorized by ranch personnel ahead of time. This will be dependent on the current risk of forest fires. We do have 2 large fire pits available for use in front of the barn in the graveled area.

Please smoke in designated areas or your vehicle only, fire danger is real!

Do not waste water! The ranch water system is spring fed and requires recovery time to replenish itself, please be stingy with your usage! Oh…the water is non-potable. (This disclaimer is intended to keep the lawyers away!)

This one’s a “no-brainer”. Do not litter! You will notice that the ranch is not covered with trash, let’s keep it that way. You have our permission to pick up any litter you see and put it in the trash can…really! (Thanks for your help on this one… we hate trash!)

There is an awesome trail system on the ranch. (Approximately 27 miles) It is intended for Mountain Biking, Hiking, bears and mountain lions, and use by businesses that sub-let the ranch. Unfortunately, no dirt bikes are allowed. We tried it and it didn’t work.

If you are using the trail system, please stay on it.

Please keep all your activities south of the barn. (That’s the other way from North) The ranch is still occupied by Mom and Dad and even though at their age they don’t hear too well, they deserve not to be disturbed.

Curfews? (That means time to zip it up and be quiet ‘cause your neighbor is trying to get some shut-eye.) Every event is different, find out from your organizer what is expected from your group. We need to keep it quiet at a reasonable hour because if we don’t, the neighbor we forgot to invite might get even more pissed off and cause us some grief!

Please call us here in Woodland if you have any additional questions. (530) 666-1442, Ask for Stan

We would love to have any & all Four Wheel Pop-up Camper owners join us for the weekend.

Note: This event is only open to current owners of a Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper. We want to keep this particular event exclusive for FWC Owners. Thank you for your understanding.

Come see us at the Colorado Off-Grid Expo Oct. 4th – 6th, 2019.

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