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Experiencing the Unknown Overland from Europe to Australia

Experiencing the Unknown Overland from Europe to Australia

“Shipping?” was the comment of my wife Ute when I told her to ship our camper to Australia. “We gonna drive there!” The project was born. After some deep analysis of the possible routing, whether via China or via India, we found out that some South-EastAsian countries do not allow to enter with your own vehicle.

So, we decided to book an organized group tour with the agency “Abenteuer Touren”. The advantage of using this agency is that they organize all the visa,
road permits, camp sites etc. Also, they provide a vast sightseeing program. However, you can drive freely and not in a convoy.

It took us about six months to prepare our Toyota Hilux and our Four Wheel Camper Wildcat (FWC Fleet model in USA) and to organize all documents required.

We started 10th July 2022 from our hometown in Germany and passed Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria quite quickly to meet the group in Istanbul / Turkey.
A total of 16 campers and two guide cars departed eastbound from Istanbul on 3rd August. One of the highlights in Turkey was a wonderful hot air balloon sunrise tour in Cappadocia. Further on we visited the rather unknown countries Georgia and

We crossed the Iranian border end of August. The hospitality of the Iranian people is legendary and this proved to be more than true. Our cars were often surrounded by hundreds of people, asking lots of questions and offering food and drinks. We were even invited for lunch or dinner. The friendliness was overwhelming. We visited beautiful cities like Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz, explored caves, ancient temples and fortresses. One of the highlights was Persepolis, the 2500-year-old capital of the ancient
Persian kingdom. We camped together with hundreds of Iranians… Read the full article

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