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Four Wheel Campers Now Offering a Lightweight Truck Topper – Truck Camper Adventure

Four Wheel Campers Now Offering a Lightweight Truck Topper – Truck Camper Adventure

Woodland, California-based Four Wheel Campers, the leading manufacturer of lightweight, aluminum pop-up truck campers, is complementing its extensive pop-up truck camper lineup with a yet-to-be-named (“Project M” is the placeholder name) truck camper product that uniquely blurs the truck camper/roof-top tent space. The designed weight of this new truck topper is only 400 pounds for a mid-size truck with a 5-foot bed.

“We are really excited about the release of this camper,” said Robert Vogl, Owner and CEO of Four Wheel Campers. “We’ve been working on it for about a year. This camper looks like a standard Four Wheel Camper yet allows the owner to use the truck bed for work or to load it up with toys and gear. What we’ve also done with this product that’s a little bit different than most of the products out there is that we put jack brackets on there, so you can put your jack stands on it and load or unload it up by yourself in about 20 minutes. With other campers it’s a four-person event to load up and that can be problematic getting that many people.”

According to the press release, this new truck topper is designed and built for the outdoors-enthusiast who wants a camper that is ultra-light and rugged for off-roading, while retaining use of the bed of the truck for hauling gear or home construction projects. Like all Four Wheel Camper products, the Project M features an all-aluminum welded frame, aluminum siding, and a one-piece aluminum roof. Style options include a tech-chic matte-black diamond plate, and a smooth aluminum with colors such as gloss black, gloss gray, metallic gray, white, gloss khaki, gloss and red. The new topper also features a fully insulated roof and sides, providing comfortable sleeping at or below temperatures of 30 degrees.

FWC Project M Specifications

Unlike some truck toppers featuring a wedge-style pop top, the FWC Project M truck topper offers a full-length pop top, offering an impressive 6 feet 6 inches of interior standing room. The bottom, hard-sided portion of the camper includes three standard windows (includes door) and the option for more. The manually deployed pop-up portion features four large windows with screens, clear, and black out covers. Campers are pre-wired for solar and batteries. Solar and batteries are future retrofittable options to power things like portable refrigerators, computers, phones, and lights. Mattress sizes vary by truck with queen-size beds available for a Tacoma mid-size truck and a king-size bed for full-size trucks.

Options for the Four Wheel Camper truck topper include top, side, and hitch racks for things like water or gas containers, shovels, Maxtrax, surf boards, kayaks, bikes, snow skis, etc. In the future, Four Wheel Campers will offer retrofittable, modular interior options like drawers and cabinets for organization, and racks for easy and safe transport of recreational equipment. Most standard exterior Four Wheel Camper accessories will work with this new model as well, including awnings, lights, and racks.

The Project M camper can be ordered for both mid-size and full-size trucks. While this truck topper is compatible with mid-size trucks, a Jeep Gladiator model won’t be ready until early 2020. The base model MSRP for the Project M topper begins at $8,995 for short-bed models with 8-foot truck bed models incurred an added upcharge. Four Wheel Campers has begun to take orders this week. The delivery/install time is at 13 weeks as it is for all Four Wheel Camper products.

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6/18 – After our seven week shutdown, on 5/11 we reopened the factory with a 100% employee retention rate. Upon our return we began COVID 19 best practice prevention, and we will continue to follow medical leadership guidance.


Since our return, the world has been increasingly focused on another challenge – social and race injustices and inequities. Though Four Wheel Campers is a very diverse company, and we firmly believe in the recent issues and voices, we now have a renewed responsibility to look inward. Over the next months and years we will check ourselves to make certain we are an optimistic force for social fairness and equality.


We want to thank our amazing employees for their spirit and teamwork, particularly during the challenges of 2020. Through it all they continue to be focused on making and refining the world’s best pop-up campers.


We also want to thank our “customers-in-waiting” for their unwavering patience.  It has been a journey.


We wish you all health and adventure!

Team Four Wheel Campers