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  • Vanlife


    Before we get rolling, just to be clear, we’re not in the business of knocking vans, and certainly not the Vanlife ethos. Heck, we CamperLife folks are members of the same adventurous clan. In that spirit, the below info about our pop-up truck bed campers is meant to be as unbiased and humbly presented as possible. Still, if we go a bit too deep extolling the wonders of our pop-up truck campers, please forgive us…it’s probably because we feel like there is a bit of catching up to do! Since 1972 we have designed, refined and built lightweight pop-up campers for slide-in and flat-bed trucks. We have campers for small, medium, and large trucks. We have become the world’s pop-up Read More…

  • Camping

    We should just get this out of the way; a pop-up truck camper is not for everyone. It is still a free country and people choose their own, personal camping style. Fortunately, from two person tents to “condos” on four wheels, there is something for everyone. Unfortunately, figuring out what makes sense could take years off your camping life.  This is where we want to help. As part of a happier camper community, we feel it is our civic duty to assist with your search for camping perfection. And, reducing your research time to an ultra short read is in keeping with our “keep it simple” motto. Less time and stress sorting all of this out means you have more time for camping.  So, ignoring the risk of us appearing unabashedly biased, we present to you, Read More…

  • Retired Traveler

    Retired Traveler

    Most of our customers are retired or near retired. Luckily for us, we are continually engaged with them at customer rallies, at our factory and dealerships, and on social media. Over many years and conversations, they tell us simplicity, dependability, and value are why they travel in a Four Wheel Pop-Up Truck Camper.  They say that they want to enjoy the outdoors and their travels, not deal with cumbersome rig setups, breakdowns and maintenance issues.  So, as we make product and feature modification decisions, we are always considering what we have heard… what is important to our customers. Keeping It Simple It is a simple truth, the more gadgets, automation, and processes in anything, the more that can go wrong. Read More…

  • Mobile Living

    Four Wheel Campers customers, thousands of them, crisscross the states, bang around baja, explore Europe, and trek to Central and SouthAmerica. Since 1972 these intrepid travelers have trusted our campers as much as their canines. Through years on social media, over the phone, and at our customer rallies, they have graciously shared their stories with us. We never tire of hearing them and we hope to one day hear about your adventures with a Four Wheel Camper. Mobile living vehicles now range from reimagined ice cream trucks, to old chevy vans, to retrofitted school buses, to conventional RV’s. A #Vanlife or mobile living vehicle can definitely mean different things to different people. While we wish you the best if you Read More…


Our factory locations in California will be closed on the following upcoming weekends. . .

NOR CAL CLOSED: July 2nd – 4th (Forth of July Weekend)

SO CAL CLOSED: July 2nd – 5th (Forth of July Weekend)



Get ready for another exciting show season. We’ll be “popping up” at different events all over the West Coast this Spring with our campers on display for you to see up close & in person. Check out our “SHOW DATES” page for dates and locations.




We are now completely moved into our new factory. Our new factory & camper showroom address is . . . Four Wheel Campers, 1400 Churchill Downs Avenue, Suite A, Woodland, CA 95776. We invite you to come see our new digs!


This has been our busiest year in the history of our company (50 years). New camper orders are out pacing our production capabilities. Unfortunately this has resulted in historically long lead times. We encourage you to connect with your nearest dealer so that you can discover what their order schedule looks like, and when possibly to place your new camper order to meet your 2022/2023 trip needs.


Here’s to your future trips and adventures, and thank you for considering us to ride along with you!


Team Four Wheel Campers