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  • Biking

    Four Wheel Campers mountain biker customers don’t want to be plowing along in some hulking camper or RV. They want a mobile living space that is a low profile, ultra-durable, gravity centered, comfortable space to hang out and sleep.  So, they opt for a truck camper combo that hangs with motoring any XC route, shredding through winds and gnarly terrain. Think minor headwind and major headroom (6’ 4” + to be exact). Born for overlanding in Colorado in 1972, we know a thing or two about dialing in a camper for clean adventures. From Alaska to Baja, and Moab to South America, our customers are putting campers to the test every day. Get Closer to Remote Basecamps Our cab over Read More…

  • Skiing


    From Jackson Hole to Taos, and Lake Tahoe to Stowe, more skiers are using their Four Wheel Camper as their base camp. After a fun and tiring day on the slopes, our customers head for a warm place to cook up some dinner, hang out, enjoy a beverage, and crash in a comfortable queen or king size bed. Many also tell us they prefer the “outside” environment over a motel room…and they can get to and from the mountain faster than Mikaela Shiffrin in a GS race. The Heat Is On The cool thing is that heat is not a problem. Our Thermal Pack and furnace keep the camper toasty warm, even with temperatures well below freezing. The Thermal Pack Read More…

  • Surfing


    No barney here, we’re the world’s leading maker of slide-in and flat-bed pop-up truck campers. From Santa Cruz to Doheny, from Baja to the shores of Peru, Four Wheel Camper owners have traveled, explored, and surfed. Our pop-up truck campers are about the same footprint and height as a van, and can double as your primary ride. No bulky RV or trailer to deal with. While driving, or parked at your home base, this cab over truck camper is mega low profile (think gnarly stealth). We can assist you matching the camper to a truck or your truck to a camper. Choose from a simple camper with a comfy bed and seating, to an Xtreme model with furnace, fridge, stove, Read More…

  • Paddle Sports

    Paddle Sports

    If you are like many of our customers you want to go to cool places with your gear, without hassles, and enjoy some basic comforts. And if you don’t want an expensive RV to put you under water, or limit your adventures, we want to float you some 411. We have been designing and building off-road grade over cab pop-up truck campers since 1972. Visit Distant Shores We were started as an expedition grade over-cab camper designer and builder. The focus was and has always been on building the camper to hold up in the harshest environments. So, if your truck is game and you are in search of that perfect river, alpine lake, or Baja beach, count on your Read More…

  • Fishing


    One school of thought is to go with an RV or trailer. However, if you are like our customers you will agree the quest for awesome places is rarely found via asphalt. With most conventional vehicles, traveling on BLM land, washed out fire roads, or more daunting terrain, is akin to going upstream without a paddle. However, if you have a truck and want to access and settle in at remote streams and lakes, you’ll cast much further with our Four Wheel Pop-up Truck Campers. We offer simple to fully loaded slide-in or flat-bed camper models designed to fit your truck. Heck or High Water With our “Overlanding” DNA, Four Wheel Campers are built to go about anywhere and under Read More…

  • Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing

    In search of the best bivouac.  Between some sort of bulky RV and a port-a-ledge, we fill the void.    [masterslider id=”1″] Like a lot of outdoorsy type ideas, Four Wheel Campers was founded in Colorado, a rope’s throw from the famous Flat Iron crags. The intent was always to get far away from it all, and with a few comforts. The ideal platform needed to be off-road grade but combine some RV style comforts…like a queen or king-sized bed, stove, and heat. Oh, and a dry space in case of rain or snow!    It can be confusing. When driving down the highway, some folks see our low-profile design and think we make a camper for short people. Not the case. We make pop-up truck campers for slide-in and flat-bed pickup Read More…

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