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Fleet Slide-In Camper Model

Fleet Slide-In Camper Model

Fits Mid-Size Truck Bed Sizes 6'0" - 6'7"

  • *Adding a slide-in camper to the smaller GM trucks (Canyon & Colorado) might affect your truck warranty.
  • Shell Models Starting at $16,695.00
  • Full Camper Models Starting at $25,625.00

Fleet Slide-In Camper Floorplans

The Fleet camper is offered in the below three floorplans. The less equipped Fleet Shell model is available here.

Slide-in Model Tour

Here is your next best exploration opportunity to being inside a camper. Please note that this video does not present the full breadth of options. To see all of the currently available options, pricing, and weights, please click on the blue "Build & Price" button.

Slide-in Model Tour


Here are the basic specifications. Please click on the blue "Build & Price" button to create a total price and weight based on the menu of options and accessories you select.

Camper FrameWelded AluminumWelded Aluminum
Camper RoofOne Piece AluminumOne Piece Aluminum
Camper SidingAluminumAluminum
Adult Sleeping2 - 32 - 3
Main Bed (High)72" X 76"72" X 76"
If appicable - Lower bed from seat conversion33" X 72"33" X 72"
Upholstry & Collapsable SidingCut, Sewn, and finished at FWC factoryCut, Sewn, and finished at FWC factory
Base Model Dry Weight (Approx)1,050lbs1,050lbs
Height Down (includes vent & rack)56"56"
Height Up (includes vent & rack)87"87"
Interior Height Up6' 4"6' 4"
Roof Length117"117"
Body Width76"76"
Fresh Water Capacity20 Gallons20 Gallons
Propane Capacity(2) 2.5 Gallons(2) 2.5 Gallons
PopUp Camper on Dirt Road Path

It's a big world out there. Go explore.

Key Benefits & Specification Sheets

  • The rugged light weight aluminum frame and low profile design greatly reduce vehicle and driver strain, while maximizing fuel efficiency
  • Hard and soft side materials and craftsmanship translate to decades of use in most any environment.
  • The one-piece, light weight aluminum roof is water proof and handles decades of ups and downs.
  • Campers are carefully designed and installed to fit your truck. The right height, width, and balance for a better look and ride.
  • Build & Price

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