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Fleet Flatbed Model

Fleet Flatbed Model

Mid-Sized Trucks w/ 6.5' Tray

  • Starting at $36,995.00 USD

Fleet Flatbed Model

The Flatbed Models are only offered in one floor plan (shown below). This is a sample interior rendering. Siding, fabrics, and options can change depending on the final options you choose for your new camper.

Fleet Flatbed Virtual Tour

The next best thing to a actually walking into a camper is viewing the camper in a 3D virtual tour. Campers interiors & interior colors vary depending on what the customer orders. These sample 3D tours are only designed to give you a glimpse of what we offer.

Fleet Flatbed Virtual Tour

We love our Flatbed Model. It provides more living space and more storage, compared to our original slide-in pop-up camper. It makes a big difference since we are full time travelers.

Dominic & Clarise

North Carolina


Here are the basic Fleet Flatbed Model specifications. Please click the Specification Link below to view a camper specifications sheet, or click the "Build & Price" button to see available options, additional pricing, and camper weights.

Base Model Dry Weight1295 lbs.1295 lbs.
Height Down (including vent)55"55"
Interior Headroom (popped up)6' 4"6' 4"
Adult Sleeping3 - 43 - 4
Cabover Bed Area Measurement72" x 77"72" x 77"
Lower Bed Area Measurement (rear dinette)31" x 72"31" x 72"
Roof Length140"140"
Floor Length80"80"
Body Width76"76"
Fresh Water Capacity20 Gallons20 Gallons
Two Propane TanksTwo 10 lb Propane Tanks (20 lbs total = 5 Gallons)Two 10 lb Propane Tanks (20 lbs total = 5 Gallons)
Camper FramingWelded AluminumWelded Aluminum

Fabric Selection

View different fabric designs on camper by clicking below squares. All fabrics are durable and complement cabinetry and siding colors.

desert off road four wheller camper

I'm in love with places I've never been to . . .


Our campers are available in a variety of exterior siding colors & textures. We have eight (8) different Exterior Siding Colors for you to choose from at no additional charge. These are just sample pictures below of what the different colors look like. Pick the color you like best. There is no longer an additional charge for certain colors.

Standard Mesa White Aluminum Siding
Mesa Silver Spur Exterior Siding Upgrade
FWC Grey Smooth Aluminum Siding Upgrade
Khaki Smooth Aluminum Siding Upgrade
white smooth siding example
Metalic Charcoal Smooth Aluminum Siding Upgrade
Black Smooth Aluminum Siding Upgrade
Red Smooth Aluminum Siding Upgrade

Key Benefits

  • The rugged light weight aluminum frame and low profile design greatly reduce vehicle and driver strain, while maximizing fuel efficiency.
  • Hard and soft side materials and craftsmanship translate to decades of use in most any environment.
  • The one-piece, light weight aluminum roof is water proof and handles decades of ups and downs.
  • Flatbed Models offer more interior living space and also have storage space under the cabover bed. These models can be a great choice for people spending a lot of time on the road camping.
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    Get a camper price and weight based on features and accessories you select

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