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Build My Camper: Hawk (Front Dinette Seating)

$22,970.00 Weight: 1,175lbs

Standard Features

(included in base model pricing)
  • Mesa Exterior Siding in “White” (Standard)
  • Aluminum Jack Brackets (Standard)
  • Single 12 Volt Camper Battery (Deep Cycle w/ Separator)
  • Traditional Wood Grain Interior (Standard)
  • Small 1.7 Cu.Ft. 3-Way Refrigerator (AC/DC/Propane)
  • Standard Sink & Stove
  • Front Dinette Seating w/ Swivel Table
  • Screen Door
  • Welded Aluminum Frame Construction
  • Queen Cabover Bed w/ Mattress
  • 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
  • 2 Propane Tanks
  • Basic Roof Vent
  • LED Interior Lights & Exterior Porch Light


Entry Steps

Camper Installation

Camper Installation & Wiring

Exterior Options

Exterior Siding

Exterior Siding

Standard Options

Premium Options


Camper Jacks

Lighting Upgrades

Roof Racks

Roof Vents

Solar Options

Interior Options

Cushion Fabric Colors

Note: Floor plan picture below might not represent your correct floor plan choice.
This feature is for fabric example purposes only.

Cushion Fabric Colors

Standard Options

Premium Options



Interior Color Choices


Sink & Stoves



Exterior Options

Front Dinette Seating

Portable Toilets

Standard Features


My Customized Camper

Total Camper Price $22,970.00
Weight 1,175lbs
Print Summary
  • Accessories

    • Entry StepsEdit »

      Lightweight Aluminum Hitch Receiver Step (2 step)$250.00
      Portable Plastic Entry Step$50.00
  • Camper Installation

    • Camper Installation & WiringEdit »

      Basic Camper Installation (Eye Bolts, Turn Buckles, & Wiring)$695.00
      Bolt Down Installation & Wiring$695.00
  • Exterior Options

    • Exterior SidingEdit »

      Mesa Exterior Siding in “White” (Standard)$0.00
      Mesa Silver Spur Exterior Siding$550.00
      Black Diamond Plate Aluminum Siding$900.00
      Smooth Aluminum Siding (Black)$900.00
      Smooth Aluminum Siding (FWC Grey)$900.00
      Smooth Aluminum Siding (Kahki)$900.00
      Smooth Aluminum Siding (Metallic Charcoal)$900.00
      Smooth Aluminum Siding (Red)$900.00
      Smooth Aluminum Siding (White)$900.00
    • AwningsEdit »

      8’ Side Awning w/ Light$1,495.00
      Bat 270 Degree Wraparound Awning w/ Light$2,250.00
    • Camper JacksEdit »

      Aluminum Jack Brackets (Standard)$0.00
      Mechanical Camper Jacks (4 corner)$775.00
    • Lighting UpgradesEdit »

      LED Exterior Lighting Package$325.00
      Rear Flood Lights (LED)$325.00
    • Roof RacksEdit »

      Aluminum Roof Rack$550.00
      Yakima JetStream Roof Rack System (Complete)$1,325.00
      Roof Rack “Tracks Only” Installed on Roof$475.00
    • Roof VentsEdit »

      Extra Roof Vent$210.00
      Powered Roof Vent Fan (in middle of roof)$350.00
      Powered Roof Vent Fan (over the cabover bed area)$350.00
    • Solar OptionsEdit »

      MPPT Charge Controller Only w/ Display (installed)$450.00
      Portable 130W Solar Panel w/out Controller$595.00
      Roof 160W Mounted Solar Panel w/ Charge Controller$1,295.00
  • Interior Options

    • Cushion Fabric ColorsEdit »

      Caprice Truffle Fabric ($0.00)$0.00
      Deer Valley Canyon Fabric ($0.00)$0.00
      Dovetail Greystone Fabric ($0.00)$0.00
      Etta Fog Fabric ($0.00)$0.00
      Paradigm Admiral Fabric ($0.00)$0.00
      Abbington Black Fabric ($350)$350.00
      Artistry Ash Fabric ($350)$350.00
      Artistry Indigo Fabric ($350)$350.00
      Berenson Tuxedo Fabric ($350)$350.00
      Gatlinburg Mesa Fabric ($350)$350.00
      Heritage Denim Fabric ($350)$350.00
      Peyton Granite Fabric ($350)$350.00
      Spectrum Cherry Fabric ($350)$350.00
    • BatteriesEdit »

      2nd 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery (dual batteries)$395.00
      Dual 6 Volt Battery Upgrade$595.00
      Single 12 Volt Camper Battery (Deep Cycle w/ Separator)$0.00
      Dual Lithium Batteries & Upgraded Electrical System$5,650.00
    • FurnaceEdit »

      Forced Air Furnace w/ Thermostat$755.00
    • Interior Color ChoicesEdit »

      Silver Spur Interior Upgrade w/ Dovetail Greystone Fabric$800.00
      Traditional Wood Grain Interior (Standard)$0.00
    • Refrigerators/FreezersEdit »

      3-Way Refrigerator/Freezer, Large 2.7 cu.ft (AC/DC/Propane)$850.00
      Compressor 65 Liter Refrigerator/Freezer (AC/DC)$895.00
      Compressor 85 Liter Refrigerator/Freezer (AC/DC)$1,125.00
      Compressor 130 Liter Refrigerator/Freezer (AC/DC)$1,325.00
      Small 1.7 Cu.Ft. 3-Way Refrigerator (AC/DC/Propane)$0.00
    • Sink & StovesEdit »

      Flush Mount Glass Top Sink & Stove Upgrade$625.00
      Standard Sink & Stove$0.00
  • Other

    • AccessoriesEdit »

      Axe & Shovel$475.00
      Back-up Camera (Basic)$395.00
      Removable Carpet Kit (to cover linoleum flooring)$250.00
      King Bed Slide-out for the Cabover Bed$500.00
      Ready To Go Anywhere Starter Package$195.00
      Rear Wall Steps (better access to the roof)$300.00
      Thermal Pack$800.00
      Back-up Camera (Complex)$595.00
    • Exterior OptionsEdit »

      Board Rack (Surf or SUP)$475.00
    • Front Dinette SeatingEdit »

      Front Dinette Seating w/ Swivel Table$1,975.00
      Front Dinette, Self-Contained, Built-in Toilet, Hot Water, w/ Inside & Outside Showers$5,395.00
      Front Dinette w/ Inside & Outside Shower Only (No Cassette Toilet)$3,595.00
      Front Dinette w/ Table & Cassette Toilet Only (No Inside Shower)$3,275.00
      DSI 6 Gallon Hot Water Heater with Outside Shower (Front Dinette)$1,075.00
    • Portable ToiletsEdit »

      CleanWaste Portable Toilet w/ Waste Bags$159.00
      Porta Potti$145.00
    • Standard FeaturesEdit »

      Screen Door$0.00
      Welded Aluminum Frame Construction$0.00
      Queen Cabover Bed w/ Mattress$0.00
      20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank$0.00
      2 Propane Tanks$0.00
      Basic Roof Vent$0.00
      LED Interior Lights & Exterior Porch Light$0.00
    • Subtotal $22,970.00
    • Weight 1,175lbs
    • Total Price $22,970.00

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