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Mountain Biker Can’t Get Enough of His Four Wheel Pop Up Camper – The Wayward Home

Mountain Biker Can’t Get Enough of His Four Wheel Pop Up Camper – The Wayward Home

For someone who loves getting deep into the great outdoors and going mountain biking,
there isn’t anything better than a Four Wheel pop-up camper. Sure, a campervan is also
great, but these lumbering giants aren’t as nimble as a truck camper, which can tackle
even rough dirt roads and snow.
Those are just a couple of reasons why Cole Gregg chose a pop-up truck camper for
his passion and his work: mountain biking. Not only does Cole ride for fun any chance
he gets, but he also works as a technical editor for a company dedicated to mountain
biking reviews and information

Cole Started in an Aluminum Camper Shell

Cole is no stranger to truck campers; he’s had a 2005 Dodge 2500 truck with a lift kit
and enhanced suspension for YEARS. He used to travel around in an aluminum canopy
with some built-in drawers in back, a set-up he used for seven years for exploring
mountain biking destinations.
“I just kinda roughed it,” Cole said. “At one point, the truck had shocks that came up
through the bed, so there were holes in the truck bed. So we’d get back from biking and
there’d be a squirrel in our stuff. My friends and I even spent six weeks in the back of
that camper shell, traveling, rock climbing and biking.”
Eventually, Cole decided he was too old to keep roughing it like that, so at the ripe old
age of 30 decided to invest in a more robust truck camper…. Read the full article

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