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This Living Space Shreds Rock Gardens

Minor Headwind, Mega Headroom

Four Wheel Campers mountain biker customers don’t want to be plowing along in some hulking camper or RV. They want a mobile living space that is a low profile, ultra-durable, gravity centered, comfortable space to hang out and sleep.  So, they opt for a truck camper combo that hangs with motoring any XC route, shredding through winds and gnarly terrain. Think minor headwind and major headroom (6’ 4” + to be exact).

Born for overlanding in Colorado in 1972, we know a thing or two about dialing in a camper for clean adventures. From Alaska to Baja, and Moab to South America, our customers are putting campers to the test every day.

Get Closer to Remote Basecamps

Our cab over slide-in and flat-bed pickup truck campers are built to go wherever an off-road grade truck can go, so you can navigate some nasty terrain to settle in to your ideal trail head camping space.  From the minimalist Shell to a loaded model, all of our campers can handle serious overlanding adventures. And your bikes can be stored inside the camper, on our installed Yakima roof system, or on a hitch rack. Regardless of camper model, you can count on a warm, dry, comfortable night’s sleep before and after your biking treks! 

Destination Set-Up

The time from when you arrive at your camp area to when the roof is popped up is about two minutes. So, in basically no time your camper is ready for cooking, sleeping, or just hanging out. Go with our camper rather than setting up a tent, parking a trailer, or leveling out an RV, and you are on the right track.

Is Your Bike Frame Made of Wood?

As you know, it all starts with the frame. With us you’ll be glad you’re not in the wonky wood frames zone. Over five decades we have been refining our all-aluminum welded frame for our slide-in and flat-bed truck campers.

  • Mega durable – Many of our overlanding and rock crawling customers have been pounding their truck and camper for decades. They rarely have a need to visit our service centers and even rarer do they have a frame issue.
  • Flex – The frames are designed to flex just enough to help absorb the punishment.
  • Light weight– Trucks are like bike riders, the less weight they motor around the better. Our all-aluminum welded frames and pop-up roof design reduce significant weight.
  • Moisture Resistant – Wood frames don’t play well with moisture. And if you are like most of our customers, rain and snow don’t keep you from your adventures. Customers rely on our moisture resistant aluminum frames to eliminate any mold, mildew, or frame deterioration.


Ok, so we are a wee bit fixated on weight. But, as we constantly consider weight in our designs, features, and components, we are also looking for the coolest and most durable items.

This translates into the lightest weight camper for your truck while retaining the functionality and durability you want.


Our campers are designed to keep things simple, with as many manual operations as practical. The roof is raised manually – in seconds. The bed is pulled into and out of position manually – within a few seconds. Window coverings are applied and removed manually – within a few seconds. Pull a knob and electricity is on. Twist a knob and the propane is ready. The camper is taken on and off the truck using an ordinary drill in 20-30 minutes. You can see, compared to other RV options, the transition from a tent to our camper is smooth and painless.

Want to know more?

We are super low key so give us a shout. We can talk trucks, campers, camping, adventures, and a bit of biking all day long!


Truck Camper is Pro-cyclist’s Perfect Vacation Home

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Following California’s mandate for people doing non-essential work to stay at home until further notice, we have temporarily suspended operations. As we know more about possible stay at home extensions, we will provide status updates via email, website and social media.


We have sales & service staff working from home, so please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us. We’d love to hear from you. We will try and get back with you as soon as possible.


We thank our thousands of wonderful owners, future owners, and our highly valued employees. During our 48 years, you all have helped prepare us to navigate such challenging events.


We are extremely grateful for the patience and positive vibes from you all. Your well wishes have been a breath of fresh air for our dedicated team!


We thank you all for your support and wish you and your family health and peace of mind during these trying times.


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