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Go Anywhere…No Surprises…Camp Comfortably

Adventurous hunters use Four Wheel Campers as their base camp. We began in 1972 to enable hassle-free ultra-remote trips, and nothing has changed.

Hunting Lifestyles in a Four Wheel Pop-up Camper

Getting There

If your truck can get there, it can get there with a Four Wheel Camper. Hundreds, if not thousands, of our customers are serious over landers and off-roaders. They demand a “no surprises” adventure and that is our goal. Whether in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America, or Iceland, they head for secret fishing streams, remote alpine lakes, off-the-grid desert country, and little known wilderness.

You’ve Arrived

The last thing you want to deal with when you arrive at your destination is a lengthy, cumbersome setup. We have you covered. In less than three minutes from turning off your ignition, you will have the roof popped up and the bed extended. Add another 30 seconds if you want to open the windows and curtains. You are ready for a beverage of your choice, or to quickly catch some z’s. Simple as that!

Pulling Anything?

Because our campers are so lightweight and have such little wind drag, you can have a Four Wheel Camper and pull a reasonable weight with a mid-sized truck like a Tacoma, Colorado, or Ranger. Whether you want to pull a boat, motorcycle, ATV, or live-in trailer, our low profile pop-up camper makes it possible.

Increasingly, customers are using our campers with a large live-in or toy hauler trailer, for a hub-and-spoke adventure camping strategy. Some of the gang may stay back with the large trailer while a person or two heads further out to more remote areas for a few days. Everyone gets what they want!

Canines, Camping and Comfort

A high percentage of our customers bring their dog(s) on their trips. They sleep on the floor, the couch that rolls over to a large bed, or even a standard seat (if Terrier size). Large viewing and venting windows are handy for humans and dogs alike. A powerful heater can keep things warm and comfy for all. On most models, AC is available when a chill is needed. And in case you have a Great Dane, the ceiling height is a welcomed 6’ 4” to 6’ 6”. 

Through Rain, Sleet, or Snow

The best testament for our pop-up camper performance in extreme weather is the fact that we have a long-time dealer in Iceland, increasingly have more snow skiers using Four Wheel Campers for their lodging and have mega sales in the mountain states of Wyoming, Utah, Montana, and Colorado. Heck we have hundreds of Canadian and Alaskan customers too!

Over five decades of design and building we’ve learned how to keep people warm and dry.

It starts with our single piece aluminum roof. The absence of seams eliminates water leak points and the possibility of separation over time. Next, our collapsible side liner is rugged marine grade material (think Zodiac boats). It combats sun, snow, and rain. It lasts decades. Customers bring their campers in for roofing or collapsible siding repair after decades of use in harsh conditions. Lastly, everything is designed and made well; managed by the same team over many years. We have continued an ongoing mantra of process improvements, adding more sophisticated machinery, better materials, and new ideas.

Your Primary Vehicle

Four Wheel Campers are carefully installed on pickup trucks at our factory or at any of our authorized dealers. After the initial installation and accompanying training, customers can easily load and unload their campers themselves in about a half an hour. However, because Four Wheel Campers are low profile and unobtrusive when in the down position, many customers leave their campers on their trucks full time. They find their truck and camper as nimble in town as on remote wilderness backroads.

Sticking with our “no surprises” mantra, we build the campers with as many manual operations as is practical. The result is our customers enjoy long term adventures over any terrain without worrying about or dealing with things not working. After all, this away time is meant to be fun and low stress! 

Whether or not you have a truck, we have a great low-key team who can talk to you about truck and truck camper options. We look forward to hearing about where you’ve been and where you want to go!

A quick update,

First, we wish for health for you and your families!

2020 began with a high level of interest and momentum – which has continued into late summer. However, to ensure our high quality standards are not compromised, we have resisted the temptation to grow too fast.

This has resulted in historically long lead times. We encourage you to to connect with your nearest dealer so that you discover when to place your order in time to meet your 2021 trip needs.

Here’s to your future trips and adventures, and thank you for considering us to ride along with you!

Team Four Wheel Campers