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Mobile Living

Tried and True From Alaska to Peru

Four Wheel Campers customers, thousands of them, crisscross the states, bang around baja, explore Europe, and trek to Central and SouthAmerica.

Since 1972 these intrepid travelers have trusted our campers as much as their canines. Through years on social media, over the phone, and at our customer rallies, they have graciously shared their stories with us. We never tire of hearing them and we hope to one day hear about your adventures with a Four Wheel Camper.

Mobile living vehicles now range from reimagined ice cream trucks, to old chevy vans, to retrofitted school buses, to conventional RV’s. A #Vanlife or mobile living vehicle can definitely mean different things to different people. While we wish you the best if you are navigating these options, we also want to introduce you to the appeal of our pop-up truck campers.

First, our campers go on a pickup truck. We offer campers for conventional slide-in or flatbed style trucks. Trucks can be kept basic or they can be easily modified to navigate BLM lands and beyond. There are millions of trucks on the road and tens of thousands for sale. Trucks can be serviced just about anywhere and parts are available and affordable. It is safe to say that there is no better vehicle in terms of simplicity of ownership, whether you are in Alaska or Peru.

Second, our campers are made to be the equal of trucks in terms of affordability, rugged dependability, and comfort. They are built to complement the truck, rather than strain it. Our customers expect our camper to go wherever their truck goes, and hold up to whatever terrain they travel.

Finally, to ensure our campers enhance your mobile living experience, our quest is to deliver on these requirements…

Easy on You, Easy on Your truck

Weight reduction means better gas mileage, less strain on your truck, and a vehicle that is easier to drive (to the market or mountains). A low profile while your camper is mobile also translates to better gas mileage, less strain on your truck, and a vehicle that is easier to drive. Consider the height of most mobile living options and what a hassle, if not mayhem it can bring.

Spacious Living

Noted that our pop-up truck camper’s space is not to be confused with a class ARV. But, they do surprise, offering a 6’ 4” or higher ceiling and queen or kingsize bed. Thousands of twosomes + big dogs are plenty happy with the space. And, heck, most of customers would rather be outside under our big camper awning or trekking around somewhere. Check out this website’s 3D virtual tours,or better yet, visit one of our showrooms and be prepared to be surprised!

Worry Free 

After 45+ years of refinements we are more focused than ever to deliver the best possible products. Our customers push our campers for weeks and months, often on off-road terrain. We keep everything simple and well built. Our roofs go up manually, as mechanisms = potential problems.  Our body and roof frames are made of welded aluminum because wood can crack, tire, and mildew. The roof is purposely designed of one piece, eliminating panels and potential leaks. With the intent of keeping our customer’s worry free, we continually find and modify elements to reduce the possibility of failure.

Cool design 

A camper that fits the truck well not only offers better handling, it looks better too. The aesthetic goal is not akin to a awkwardly placed tiny home on a truck. We do much better that. We offer models for specific truck types and sizes. They are balanced and fit as snug as possible to the truck. And discover your own style with our different siding textures and colors, many interior fabrics, and accessories.

We hope this information has been helpful and that the combination of a truck and our campers provide you with a valuable mobile vehicle option. Again, we suggest you check out this website’s 3D virtual tours, visit a dealer, and have a look on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

We encourage you to act out your wanderlust and keep on traveling, and we hope to be your future mobile vehicle partner!

Trade Show Season is starting. Check our “Events Page” for the list of the trade shows we’re attending throughout the USA. We might just be showing campers close to your home town.


We are excited to announce our new Factory Outlet in Southern California. Grand Opening Dates set for March 21st & 22nd. “Click For More Details


We are extremely busy this year. If you are wanting a new camper for this summer, please consider getting your camper order in now. Or check the “Dealer Inventory” pages on our website for campers that are in stock and available for sale now through your local dealers or our factory.