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A landscape of the desert with the sun shining down onto a ford 150 with a Four Wheel Camper pop-up camper.


Shake, Rattle, and Rolling From Alaska to Peru

The idea of Four WheelCampers was born in Colorado as a way to get farther away from it all. The ideal platform needed to be hard-core, off-road grade, but combine some RVstyle comforts…like a bed, fridge, stove, and heat. Oh, and a dry space in case of rain or snow! 

Vans, trailers, and RV’s were never designed to go on fire roads and certainly not built for overlanding exploration. Traditional hard-sided campers for pickup trucks have always been heavy, bulky, and not built to withstand the vibrations and pounding. Jeeps and Landcruisers could get you there and back, but offered no shelter.  So, to summarize, the vehicle for overlanding nirvana was…and is…





Time for a hybrid solution! Keep the truck and camper but reduce the bulk and weight.

This ain’t gonna be easy…let’s see what we can do.

Step one, out with the wood and in with a welded aluminum camper frame. Ok, we’ve reduced weight, increased durability, and eliminated the ever-dreaded water damage. Speaking of water damage, let’s prevent roof leaks with a one-piece aluminum roof. A great start!

Step two, remove half of the hard siding. Use a marine-grade siding material (think mega durable and mold resistant) that is collapsed while traveling, and raised for camping. Oh yea, a camper that is low on the go and cuts through headwinds like a breeze. This is definitely a development fully endorsed by all trucks.

We must also guarantee, come hell or high water, the top easily and always goes up…in less than two minutes. And letting success go to our heads, create a popped-up camper ceiling height of at least 6’ 4”. No sense having tall folk walking around their camper half-cocked. We want lean, without the mean. All this and we are lighter and lower (nimble), with dependability. So far, so good!

Step three, design a more appealing, custom fit to the truck. In addition to a mobile low-profile, let’s look cool on the truck and get the center of gravity right. A balancing act for sure, requiring different models and installation methods for specific truck types. No worries, we got this!

Step four, ah comfort! A queen or king size bed ready faster than you can say “time for a snooze”. USB outlets and lights over head for late night map deciphering. A fridge, sink, and both stove and furnace will have you cooking. A surprisingly large living space that is know to be home to a family of five, couples with big dogs, and everything in between.

There you have it. While we continue our search for pop-up truck camper nirvana, thousands of our beloved customers are venturing far and wide. They provide us with their travel stories and their Four Wheel Camper bucket lists. We look forward to talking with you about your adventure dreams and serve you for years to come!



Approx. Sept. 27th, 2021 we will have completed the move of our Northern California Factory to our new location. We are still located in Woodland, but we will be about 1 mile down the street and will have a nicer, newer, and bigger warehouse. Our new factory & camper showroom address is . . . Four Wheel Campers, 1400 Churchill Downs Avenue, Woodland, CA 95776. We invite you to come see our new digs in the near future!


This has been our busiest year in the history of our company (49+ years). New camper orders are out pacing our production capabilities. Unfortunately this has resulted in historically long lead times. We encourage you to connect with your nearest dealer so that you can discover what their order schedule looks like, and when possibly to place your new camper order to meet your 2022 trip needs.


Here’s to your future trips and adventures, and thank you for considering us to ride along with you!


Team Four Wheel Campers