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Paddle Sports

Paddle Sports

Get Your Gear & Go Anywhere!

Four Wheel Camper Trailer Kayak

If you are like many of our customers you want to go to cool places with your gear, without hassles, and enjoy some basic comforts. And if you don’t want an expensive RV to put you under water, or limit your adventures, we want to float you some 411. We have been designing and building off-road grade over cab pop-up truck campers since 1972.

Visit Distant Shores

We were started as an expedition grade over-cab camper designer and builder. The focus was and has always been on building the camper to hold up in the harshest environments. So, if your truck is game and you are in search of that perfect river, alpine lake, or Baja beach, count on your slide-in or flat-bed Four Wheel Camper to hold up through it all.

Here’s how we do it. Start with a decades refined design, experienced team, and solid materials. Only use  a mega-sturdy welded aluminum frame rather than using wood (which doesn’t play well with H2O). Sides are made of aluminum and marine grade (water and sun resistant) collapsible materials. Top it all off with a one-piece (no seams, no leaks) aluminum roof that rises high and leaves you dry. No plastic exterior to degrade and discolor in the sun. As we talk about below, we also keep automation to a minimum, so there are fewer things to go wrong.

Bring Your Gear!

We offer roof mounted Yakima rack systems for kayaks, surfboards, and SUPS. Also ask us about new camper side and hitch mounted systems for greater weight and easier accessibility. Another option is storing smaller gear inside the camper, on the floor, couch, or bed.

Keep it Simple

Four Wheel Campers are carefully installed on pickup trucks at our factory or at any of our authorized dealers. After the initial installation and accompanying training, customers can easily load and unload their campers themselves in about a half an hour. However, because Four Wheel Campers are low profile and unobtrusive when in the down position, many customers leave their campers on their trucks permanently. They find their truck and camper as nimble in town as on remote wilderness backroads.

The last thing you want to deal with when you arrive at your destination is a lengthy, cumbersome setup. We have you covered. In less than three minutes from turning off your ignition, you will have the roof popped up and the bed extended. Add another 30 seconds if you want to open the windows and curtains. You are ready for a beverage of your choice, or to quickly catch some z’s. Simple as that!

Sticking with the “keep it simple” mantra, we build the campers with as many manual operations as is practical. The result is our customers enjoy long term adventures over any terrain without worrying about or dealing with things not working. After all, this away time is meant to be fun and low stress!  

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Basic Comforts

Based on your needs and budget you can outfit the camper via a simple “Shell” that includes two side benches and a queen or king sized bed, or you can add a furnace, refrigerator, sink, stove, inside and, or outside shower, or toilet, among other handy items. The cool thing is you can “custom” select the options to fit your needs and budget.

The bottom line, we offer you a hyper mobile living space that will float your boat and not leave you up a creak without a paddle. Our apologies for those lines, just couldn’t resist ending without a splash!

Thank you for your interest in our campers!


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Order turn times range from 15 – 18 weeks, depending upon location.

We hope to be part of your 2024 adventures!

Team Four Wheel Campers – Since 1972

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