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Location, Location, Location

Picture yourself accessing more remote places, and comfortably staying there until you get the ultimate shot. Since photography is about being in the right place at the right time, our photographer customers rely on their truck and Four Wheel Camper to travel to wild places, from the Alaska backcountry to overlanding in the beautiful southwest, to Baja and lands further south. In fact, a number of our professional photographer customers advise their students that having a Four Wheel Camper is an essential element to put them in a position for success.

Our campers are built to be durable and nimble to meet the demands of the most adventurous photographers. Whether you are a nature photographer or wildlife photographer, count on your truck and Four Wheel Pop-Up Truck Camper to take a beating and navigate narrow trails, placing you in a unique position to get the ultimate shot!

photography pop up truck campers for all size trucks

Installation and Lifetime Support

We provide you with a thorough training on your camper install day. Many Four Wheel Camper dealers are best in class in truck “builds” or “outfitting” for paved roads or more demanding off-road use. Whether your installation is at the factory or at a dealer, we will guide you through the process, making certain your truck is properly prepared for the camper and your particular adventure style.

Following your install, you can also count on ongoing professional and knowledgeable support from your dealer and the factory. Also helpful are our numerous “how-to” videos available at and on YouTube. After 45 years we know how important it is to be with you at every turn.

A Model Size and Style for Everyone

  • Standard pickup truck slide-in, truck bed camper
  • Flat-bed truck camper
  • Camper models for mid-size tucks
  • Camper models for full-size trucks
  • Multiple floorplan options
  • Multiple cabinetry options to store your food and gear

Simplicity Built In

You want to focus on locating and shooting pristine and memorable places, not worrying about and dealing with problems related to your vehicle/camper. From design to materials to manufacturing, our campers deliver trouble-free experiences. Here are some illuminating examples:

  • From the moment you arrive, the one-piece aluminum roof is raised manually in less than two minutes
  • The queen or king size bed manually slides in and out in seconds
  • The camper easily loads and unloads from truck in about 30 minutes
  • Use propane and, or 160 watt solar system to power furnace, fridge, and stove
photography pop up truck campers for all size trucks

Lean and Light

Our campers are distinguished by the pop-up design. When in the roof-down position, the cab over camper height is only a few feet higher than the truck. Eliminating a portion of the hard-sided camper walls reduces weight. Benefits of the low profile and weight reduction include:

  • Reduced frontal wind resistance translates to easier driving, reduced impact on your truck, and reduced impact on fuel costs
  • Reduced side-to-side wind resistance translates to easier and safer driving
  • Improved center of gravity and stability during cornering
  • Reduced weight improves truck performance and reduces fuel costs
  • Unobtrusive size and profile facilitate using you truck/camper as a primary vehicle
  • Clearance to park under trees, awnings, and parking structures
  • Navigate challenging terrain

Comforts of Home

  • Enjoy the interior height of between 6’ 4” and 6’ 6”
  • Multiple USB ports
  • Propane and optional 160 watt solar system keep the power on
  • Queen or optional king size bed
  • Sleeping room for a dog or two
  • Optional inside or outside shower
  • Three sizes of refrigerators
  • Furnace that keeps camper warm in sub-freezing temperatures
  • Optional stove and sink

We invite to learn more about why our Four Wheel Campers seem to click with photographers.

Thank you for your interest in our campers!


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Order turn times range from 6 – 16 weeks, depending upon location.

We hope to be part of your 2024 adventures!

Team Four Wheel Campers – Since 1972

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