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Climb Rocks

Don’t Sleep On Them

In search of the best bivouac. 

Between some sort of bulky RV and a port-a-ledge, we fill the void.   

Like a lot of outdoorsy type ideas, Four Wheel Campers was founded in Colorado, a rope’s throw from the famous Flat Iron crags. The intent was always to get far away from it all, and with a few comforts. The ideal platform needed to be off-road grade but combine some RV style comforts…like a queen or king-sized bed, stove, and heat. Oh, and a dry space in case of rain or snow!   

It can be confusing. When driving down the highway, some folks see our low-profile design and think we make a camper for short people. Not the case. We make campers that pop-up for slide-in and flat-bed pickup trucks. So, when trucking down the highway or rolling under trees, the camper is in the mega stealth (down) position.  

But, about two minutes from your campsite arrival, the marine grade siding is pulled taught and you are happily moving about under the 6’ 4” roof. This becomes the aha moment for those lucky enough to have watched this metamorphosis. The raising one-piece (seams = bogus interior H2O) aluminum roof unleashes huge windows with screens throughout. Lots of fresh air. This is not a fiberglass box.  

As all rock climbers know, part of the fun, is the journey. Head to your local crag or road trip it to a big wall. 

Our 160-watt roof mounted solar panels, (2) six-volt deep cell batteries, and propane are plenty to keep you rocking down the highway and back. And while you’re at it get off the grid. Shake, rattle, and roll. Our welded aluminum frame and rough and tumble cabinetry can handle it. Thousands of rad customers prove that. For decades Four Wheel Campers have been the go-to for taking a beating crisscrossing the U.S., Canada, Baja, and Central and South America. Including quite a number of climbers in the western states.  

Oh, and you’ll likely have some cargo. Fasten a Yakima rack system on the roof for gear storage, kayaks, bikes, SUPS, or whatever.  

The secret to the rugged dependability is a bunch of stuff learned over 45 years. Our two production leaders have learned a thing or two in their collective 25 years. And for excitement, we’ve recently added a few college grad engineers. As it turns out, these millennials have some good ideas too.  

We hope you think we have struck the right balance for your travels and camping. Not too spartan and not too posh.  

What’s left?  We need to talk trucks.  

Give us a call, an email, or check out our truck – camper matching feature on this site.  

We are like a dating app for trucks and campers. The right match is everything.  

We’ll ensure you, camper, and truck are the adventure trifecta.  

Trade Show Season is starting. Check our “Events Page” for the list of the trade shows we’re attending throughout the USA. We might just be showing campers close to your home town.


We are excited to announce our new Factory Outlet in Southern California. Grand Opening Dates set for March 21st & 22nd. “Click For More Details


We are extremely busy this year. If you are wanting a new camper for this summer, please consider getting your camper order in now. Or check the “Dealer Inventory” pages on our website for campers that are in stock and available for sale now through your local dealers or our factory.