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Vanlife Meet Camperlife

Same Mojo, More Remote Horizons

Before we get rolling, just to be clear, we’re not in the business of knocking vans, and certainly not the Vanlife ethos. Heck, we CamperLife folks are members of the same adventurous clan. In that spirit, the below info about our pop-up truck bed campers is meant to be as unbiased and humbly presented as possible. Still, if we go a bit too deep extolling the wonders of our pop-up truck campers, please forgive us…it’s probably because we feel like there is a bit of catching up to do!

Since 1972 we have designed, refined and built lightweight pop-up campers for slide-in and flat-bed trucks. We have campers for small, medium, and large trucks. We have become the world’s pop-up camper leader by connecting with our customers via customer rallies, open houses, social media, and facility visits.

Customers tell us simplicity, dependability, and value are why they travel in a Four Wheel Pop-Up Truck Camper. They enjoy the outdoors and their travels, and prefer the pleasure of avoiding large, cumbersome RV’s. We listen, learn, and keep the peddle to the metal.

Comparing Vans and Truck Campers

Here are what many consider the most significant differences between a van and a truck camper:

  • A van allows passengers to easily move within the entire van. Alternatively, to move between the driver/passenger cab to the pop-up camper, one needs to get out of the truck and walk around.
  • Because our pop-up truck camper can be taken on and off the truck in about 30 minutes, the truck becomes more versatile. For example, it can be used for hauling home improvement products, moving furniture, or for camping. Also, the camper and truck can be kept, upgraded, or sold separately. This enables people to purchase a truck at a price based on their current financial situation, but later move to a different truck. This separation flexibility can be very important as our campers hold up over decades but the standard life of a vehicle is shorter.
  • Though there are a few exceptions, vans are typically built for paved roads and well maintained dirt roads. Most trucks can easily handle rugged, washed out fire roads, and trucks with upgraded suspensions can navigate extremely challenging off-road terrain.

Our customers often get further off-the-grid, enjoying more nature and away from people. They also reduce their daily costs by camping in BLM areas and other no-cost away-from-it-all options.

  • Trucks come with more engine options than vans. Both vans and trucks are available in diesel or gas, but the engine size and power variations are much broader for trucks. The performance of a mid-power truck with a Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper is minimally impacted and for a more powerful truck the impact is virtually zero. Likewise, the miles per gallon is minimally impacted by our campers and usually tracks at two or less.
  • More and heavier tools and toys can be placed on the top of a van than on a pop-up camper. For example, our Four Wheel Campers can manage about 100lbs of weight on our one piece all aluminum roof. Enough for either a couple bikes or kayaks. Vans can handle much more.

There are, no doubt, additional subtle differences between vans and truck bed campers, but we think the above info lists the most important. We encourage you to review the below information as it captures more information about truck bed campers in general and our Four Wheel Campers specifically.

Keeping It Simple

Our campers are designed to keep things simple, with as many manual operations as practical. The roof is raised manually within a few seconds. The queen or king sized bed is also manually pulled into and out of position in about ten seconds. Window coverings are manually and quickly applied and removed over the base screen “window”. Pull a knob and electricity is on. Twist a knob and the propane is ready. You can take the camper on and off the truck using an ordinary drill in 20-30 minutes.

We are Always here for You

If you are a fulltime “VanLife” type traveler, or are on the road a lot, you know the importance of timely and exceptionally helpful support. Our customers are like family and we speak with them frequently on a range of topics related to camping and living a mobile lifestyle.

With the exception of Sundays, our easy going staff is always here to provide you with a passionate and very knowledgeable resource. Our social media user groups, on which our customers and staff participate, are available 24/7 and are great resources for answers to questions and in depth guidance.

Protection from the Elements – Van and Truck Camper

Weather can put a damper on tent-based trips. Vans and our pop-up campers with furnaces will keep you dry and toasty warm. So, extend your camping and travel season, knowing that if things turn ugly you can enjoy a book, board game, or (dare we say) phone in the comforts of your camper.

No Extra Vehicle

As mentioned above, a pickup truck with our low-profile pop-up camper can be your daily driver vehicle. Unlike the big hard-sided type campers, or even some larger vans, a Four Wheel Camper in the down position only extends a couple feet higher than the truck cab. It looks great and compact whether at the grocery store, in your driveway, or on the road.

Sleep on it

Many of our ex-tent camper customers tell us they LOVE the quality of sleep they get in our camper. A bit quieter than a tent and a much. much more comfortable bed! Choose from a queen or king size bed and wake up refreshed and ready for another great day!

Every VanLife or CamperLife journey begins with the first turn of the wheels. We invite you to learn more from our website videos, reading customer comments on social media, and talking with us!

Thank you for your interest in our campers!


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We hope to be part of your 2024 adventures!

Team Four Wheel Campers – Since 1972

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