22″ 2 Burner Cook Partner Stove


If you’re familiar at all with the Cook Partner line of stoves, you know they are simply the best you can buy. Designed and built for River Rafting outfits, these heavy duty stoves are designed and tested in harsh environments day in and day out. Customers swear by them year after year after year.

Each stove is constructed of durable USA made sheet aluminum which is then seam welded by hand by craftsman to form the stove case and lid. A large handle and locking latch keep the lid in place allowing for easy storage and transport. All control knobs and propane connections are recessed into the stove housing so they are protected from getting bumped around in your vehicle preventing any risk of breaking them off.

The cooking surfaces on Cook Partner stoves are stainless steel and therefore clean easily, while providing a long service life and no rust.

The 22″ Stove is Cook Partner’s newest stove which incorporates some important features requested by users. This stove has wider spaced burners at 12″ apart to more easily accommodate two 10″ pans. Additionally, the grill spacing has been reduced over the burner plates for warming a single cup of coffee.

  • Width: 22”
  • Length: 12”
  • Height: 3 ¾” (closed)
  • Aluminum: .080”
  • Each Burner Output: 10,000 BTU

Please allow 5-7 days for order processing.