5 Gallon Gray Water Storage Bag


The COVERED BUCKET is designed to receive and contain sink/bath waste water and provide the means to carry the waste to a suitable dumping area. Properly used, no spillage will occur at any time during the containment or while disconnecting and therefore meets the requirements of all known applicable ordinances and regulations. Garden hose threaded fitting with shut-off ball valve. No more spills and no more mess.

See through design – Just a glance tells you how full it is
Shut-off Ball Valve – Shut-off ball valve prevents any waste from spilling when hose is disconnected from emptying
Self-Expanding and Collapsible – As waste enters the container it will expand without needing ventilation. This self expanding/collapsible design prevents leaky closures and easy storage
Sanitary – Yet another added benefit to the COVERED BUCKET’s collapsible design

Please allow 5-7 days for order processing.

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