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Sumner’s Custom 2012 Toyota Tacoma Overland Rig is the Ultimate Adventure Truck

Sumner’s Custom 2012 Toyota Tacoma Overland Rig is the Ultimate Adventure Truck

Article from Savage Camper:

This awesome, custom 2012 Overland Toyota Tacoma rig, topped with a custom Four Wheel Camper, was built, and is owned by Wade and Michelle Sumner of Sacramento, who came up with the vision for their Tacoma, and performed much of the outstanding customization work.

At first Wade mentioned they were a bit hesitant to tackle the project themselves, but “after committing to drilling a 5” hole in the fender for the snorkel, I knew we were pretty much good to go from that point on.”

The results speak for themselves, as the custom fabrication, assembly and finish work on this overland Toyota Tacoma truck/Four Wheel Camper combo is … Read the full article & watch video clip

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