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The Next Generation – Andy Best

The Next Generation – Andy Best

There’s a little green light glowing from just under my little standup desk. The light is coming from a tiny digital screen counting numbers down as I drain its battery. Like many nights in the camper, I’m standing in the darkness tinkering away. My computer screen lights up my small corner of the world filled with cameras, hard drives, and notes. Our pup Sequoia in the galley way just under my feet snoring. The furnace kicks on again just before a slight chill sets in. The girls are sound asleep in our king- sized bed that rolls high above our Tacoma’s four wheels. Just outside is the massive remote wilderness of Alaska.

I’m preparing for a shoot here in Denali National Park and like with many shoots, I’m restless standing in place looking up maps, building shot sheets, mapping out schedules, and trying to wind down after another day of exploring. Imagine living, working, and existing in the smallest room in your house, with your whole family and your dog. Then imagine it really only being half that size and that’s what we adventure in. But let me back up a bit.

It’s been an absolute crazy journey these last 8 plus years, to say the least. Living life out on the road has been an endeavor that has challenged me to the extreme core. This chapter of my life was a decision based on my curiosity of who I’d become by the end. My through hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, if you will…

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