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The Ultimate Overland Vehicle – A Power Wagon Owner’s Perspective – The Adventure Portal

The Ultimate Overland Vehicle – A Power Wagon Owner’s Perspective – The Adventure Portal

2018 Power Wagon & Four Wheel Camper – Hawk Model

Bob Wohlers, Owner/Instructor Off-Road Safety Academy and Author of Off-Road & Overland Adventure Infobooks

Why did you choose your rig platform and how long have you had it?

I purchased both my Ram Power Wagon and Four Wheel Camper (FWC) in early 2018 brand new (I don’t buy used vehicles anymore). The primary reason I selected this vehicle and camper combo would be a surprise to most, and my reason is not common among those that purchase such a setup. I bought this vehicle combo because I personally did not own a 4WD vehicle in this category – long wheelbase 3/4 ton 4WD truck with an enclosed and comfortable habitation camper. I know what you are thinking, “Say what?”

My vehicles are a huge part of my business. I already own two other 4WD vehicles, a 2004 Jeep TJ Rubicon and 2013 Jeep JKU Rubicon. The TJ is set up strictly for rock crawling and day-long scenic backcountry touring and the JKU is primarily set up for international overlanding excursions. Additionally, my JKU overlander was a pain to sleep in and eat out of at the many crowded overland and off-road shows I attend. The roof top tent on the JKU is not very “private” at large shows and cooking outside of the vehicle is a pain with lots of folks around. The JKU is great for camping when alone in the backcountry, but not with close neighbors around. So, enter the Power Wagon with the very comfortable FWC. With all three vehicles in my stable, the purchase of the Power Wagon didn’t mean I had to give up, for example, my annual Rubicon Trail rock crawling trek.

So, why the Power Wagon and not some other brand of ¾ ton truck? The answer for me was easy. Off the showroom floor, and with almost no need for modification, the Power Wagon had all the trail worthy features I desired (modern gas engine, solid axles, a lift capable of handling 35” tires, lockers front and rear, front swaybar disconnect from the dash, a winch, and can tow my Jeep TJ on a flatbed trailer). Since I already loved the trail worthy features in a Jeep Rubicon, the Power Wagon just made since for me because the Power Wagon is essentially a truck version of a Jeep Rubicon. With the Power Wagon I love driving easy graded roads in the backcountry, but it has the capability of tackling difficult terrain.

Why the FWC? This was an easy selection for me personally. I’d had my eye on off-road campers for some time and when it came time for a purchase, I knew the choices. I even went to several of the factories that made off-road specific campers. At the time, there was one clear first place camper choice for me personally. FWC had all the features I wanted: 1) built specifically for off-road, 2) tough aluminum frame, 3) had a low profile for tree and rock overhangs, 4) would be very comfortable when the weather was bad, 5) full indoor kitchen, furnace, refrigerator, dinette, etc., 6) as a company, Four Wheel Camper is NOT going out of business anytime soon (this is huge), and 7) the camper was reasonably priced.

What mods have you done to it and why? 

Since no vehicle is perfect for how you wish to use it, modifications are sometimes necessary. As purchased from the showroom floor, all I added was an AEV snorkel,

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