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The Ultimate Overlander? – OutdoorX4

The Ultimate Overlander? – OutdoorX4

“What’s this?”

“Sorry. What?” I replied. Startled, I turned to witness an unknown woman approaching, talking, and pointing to the camper.

“Oh, it’s a Four Wheel Camper,” I stated. Curiosity and questions became the norm while traveling through California and Nevada in a Four Wheel Camper AEV Prospector Ram Truck with a Hawk Camber mounted in the bed. I was on a mission to adventure in some beautiful, quiet places in California and Nevada, experiencing a pop-up truck camper.

Before departing on this grand adventure, Robert Vogl, Four Wheel Campers CEO, provided a guided tour of their headquarters. He escorted me around and described how raw aluminum becomes a complete, highly engineered off-road camper. Vogl informed me that it takes roughly 12-14 weeks for a complete camper build. All of their nin models are build in-house at their Woodland facility by an 85-person workforce. Their campers can be purchased as a base model, very simple, or a ton of custom features can be added to attain a complete camper. As Vogl and I walked and talked, he was pulled aside for a brief moment by one of his employees.

Thank you for your interest in our campers!


Holiday Hours:  Both of our California locations will be closed May 27th – 29th for the Memorial Day weekend.


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From the time of your order, depending upon your location, we are installing new campers between 2.5 – 7  months out. Lead times are finally coming down!

We wish you many fantastic adventures in 2023!!

Team Four Wheel Campers

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