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Truck Camper is Pro-cyclist’s Perfect Vacation Home – The Wayward Home

Truck Camper is Pro-cyclist’s Perfect Vacation Home – The Wayward Home

Pro mountain bike racer Russell Finsterwald loves the thrill of pedaling through alpine scenery at a break-neck pace. Every day, you’ll find him in the Colorado mountains, training for his next epic race.

A few years ago, Russell decided he needed a rig to accompany him on these high-octane adventures. He looked at vans, but decided they didn’t have enough clearance to get him down remote mountain roads.

“We have a lot of 4-wheel drive accessible roads, and I do all this mountain biking and hiking,” said Russell. “The 4-wheel drive Sprinter vans are insanely expensive, so I knew that was out of the question.”

When he stumbled on pop-up truck campers from Four Wheel Campers, he knew that was the right rig for his lifestyle.

How Russell found his pop up truck camper

Russell looked near and far for the perfect pop up truck camper for his Toyota Tacoma. Finally, he found a used Four Wheel Camper out in California, so flew out west to buy.

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