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Our Story

Our history has delivered enough twists and turns to fulfill many a grand adventure! After all the thrills and spills we feel fortunate to be among the few RV producers still standing since 1972. Now, as the world’s Pop-Up Truck Camper leader, and with the enthusiasm and guidance from our customers, we see blue skies and a clear path in our future.

In October 2016, Four Wheel Campers began the fifth and latest ownership chapter. Since our 1972 beginnings, every ten years or so, the company has been renewed with fresh energy and ideas. Coupled with key people who have been with the company up to 17 years, we think this latest change has, once again, provided the platform to further enhance the company and products.  

As do many worthy outdoor endeavors, Four Wheel Campers was launched in Colorado. It was 1972 and Dave Rowe needed a way to go further off the beaten track. Vans had limitations, so he designed and built a hard-sided camper that could fit on a Scout, Blazer, or Bronco. The next evolution was to reduce weight via a pop-up style camper and design them to fit on standard pickup trucks.  

Everyone associated with Four Wheel Campers is grateful that the company developed a pop-up design and standardized on welded aluminum frames. The pop-up design reduces weight and wind resistance. The aluminum frame reduces weight, increases durability, and eliminates water damage to wood. Since the beginning, this decision has resulted in a camper that can withstand a gauntlet of off-roading abuse, decade after decade.  This has translated to happy campers and high resale values!  

By 1989 the company moved to Woodland, CA, where it remains today. Back then, the term “Overlanding” was a reference to what was going on in Australia. By the mid 2000’s though, as an Overlanding lifestyle began gaining traction in the United States, the Four Wheel Campers product was a natural fit. The Overlanding market and community turned out to be our first specific, definable market. Over the years we have been fortunate to be closely involved with this dynamic group of people. As they have explored increasingly challenging terrain, their journeys have nudged us to continually improve.  

Looking ahead, a goal is to reach more people involved in a variety of outdoor activities. We have begun serving campground campers, those navigating a mobile lifestyle, mountain bikers, surfers, paddle sport enthusiasts, birders, photographers, climbers, and people doing just about any outdoor activity you can think of. With all the talk about people hunkering over computers, it is our privilege to talk to and learn from these explorers and adventurers.  

Through our dealers, annual customer rallies, social media, old fashioned phone calls, and factory visitors, we are listening and learning. We heartily thank our current and future customers, and we endeavor to focus on products and services that make your travels a bit more adventurous…and enjoyable! 

6/18 – After our seven week shutdown, on 5/11 we reopened the factory with a 100% employee retention rate. Upon our return we began COVID 19 best practice prevention, and we will continue to follow medical leadership guidance.


Since our return, the world has been increasingly focused on another challenge – social and race injustices and inequities. Though Four Wheel Campers is a very diverse company, and we firmly believe in the recent issues and voices, we now have a renewed responsibility to look inward. Over the next months and years we will check ourselves to make certain we are an optimistic force for social fairness and equality.


We want to thank our amazing employees for their spirit and teamwork, particularly during the challenges of 2020. Through it all they continue to be focused on making and refining the world’s best pop-up campers.


We also want to thank our “customers-in-waiting” for their unwavering patience.  It has been a journey.


We wish you all health and adventure!

Team Four Wheel Campers