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Media & Partnerships

Community is built through establishing connections, and Four Wheel Campers eagerly seeks opportunities to exhibit our products and engage with fresh audiences and the natural world. Potential press and media opportunities we are keen to collaborate on include:

  1. Product Reviews: Whether in print or online, we welcome the opportunity for our products to undergo reviews and be highlighted in publications relevant to the overland and outdoor adventure communities.
  2. Editorials: Our story, mission, and distinctive features are paramount to us. If your publication is seeking an inspiring narrative that spans over 50 years, let’s schedule a phone call.
  3. Community Support: If you’re an environmental/conservation organization, or nonprofit, we would be honored to explore avenues for giving back and collectively building a brighter future.
  4. Camper & Truck Demos: Our factory location in Woodland, CA has a small fleet of campers that are available for special projects, photoshoots, and videos. If you have a project lined up and need a camper to complete the mission, we may be able to help! 
  5. Ambassador Program: If you’re a seasoned outdoor professional seeking to add a FWC to your gear collection, consider our Ambassador Program as a potential option. Admission to our Ambassador Program is contingent upon product availability and eligibility criteria. 

To start a conversation about any of the above, please submit an application using the form below. We look forward to starting an adventure with you!

Thank you for your interest in our campers!


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Order turn times range from 15 – 18 weeks, depending upon location.

We hope to be part of your 2024 adventures!

Team Four Wheel Campers – Since 1972

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