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Dealer Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Four Wheel Campers

We are the world’s largest producer of pop-up campers, shipping to numerous US States and other countries as well.  

The below information will provide you with a solid understanding of our dealer program. We welcome all inquiries about becoming a dealer and we look forward to talking with you.  

Dealer History 

Four Wheel Camper was founded in 1972. Until 2008, with a few exceptions, we exclusively sold and installed via the factory. Beginning in 2008 and gaining further traction from 2011 – to the present, we have added one to two dealers annually. During this time only one dealer has changed ownership.  

Dealer Model 

Our dealers form a very talented and diverse group. Their commonality is that they appreciate the outdoors and enjoy engaging with their prospects and customers about past and future adventures. They travel off-the-grid, camp, fish, hunt, ski, surf, bike, hike, and paddle. They live the lifestyle that attracts their customers to Four Wheel Campers.  

A few of our dealers connect the selling and servicing of Four Wheel Campers with a vehicle outfitting capability. From simple truck suspension enhancements to the ultimate in expedition grade vehicle builds, these services are valuable compliments to Four Wheel Campers products. Though not a requirement, we highly encourage our dealers to offer suspension upgrades to simplify the camper/truck installation process.  

We encourage you to visit our dealer’s websites to learn more about their businesses.  

Dealer Locations 

Please refer to the dealer section of our website for the updated list of dealer locations. We have slowly and strategically added dealer locations. As we grow, we carefully consider the impact to our current dealers and closely examine the market potential of a new region. Our goal is to create a business model that translates to dealer success. The scope of the dealer territory is a key component for success.  

Dealer Facility  

Building space needs to accommodate a minimum of four display campers, installation and servicing of campers, an office to conduct business, and ideally, space to inventory 5 – 8 campers. A street level (flat surface) delivery option is needed, rather than an elevated shipping dock. Dealers receive shipments of 4 – 5 campers. Though 90% are custom pre-sold orders, holding these units inside until installation is preferable. 

Production & Delivery 

90% of orders are produced from pre-sold customer custom specifications. That said, having a few ready-to-sell units in a dealer’s inventory can substantially increase sales. Custom order production times range from 1 – 1.5 years (52 – 70 weeks). FWC offers camper delivery services with company staff, truck and trailer, or dealers can arrange their own trucking. 

Dealer Investment 

Investment will vary based on location and whether the business is new or an addition to an existing business.

Display Campers – A minimum of four display campers are required. These campers are not for active selling inventory, rather are needed to continually display the breadth of product. They are typically sold and replaced after one year to ensure the display campers represent current models and features. 

Building Lease – The minimum interior area accommodates four display campers, an office, and space for servicing and installing. The space would need a roll-up door and access to power and water. Additionally, space will be needed for camper deliveries of five, and service campers and trucks held for more than one day. We recommend a space of at least 4,000’.  

Assets – A list of assets needed includes a forklift, pallet jack, mechanics tools, computer(s), printers, furniture, TV/monitor for customer waiting area, truck, etc.  

Staff – A minimum of two people are required to fulfill sales, administrative, and technician roles. The expectation is the dealership will be open at least eight hours a day, six days a week.  

Promotion – Promotional expenses include building signage, web site, email, tradeshow and event attendance and travel, tradeshow support materials, swag, etc.  

Misc. – Other costs include insurance, utilities, permits, truck maintenance, etc.

Please contact us for further projected start-up costs, as we can supply that as needed.


New dealers visit our facility from 5 – 10 days, depending upon their experience levels. 

Shadowing our experienced sales, administrative, and technical staff offers great insight to the entire business. We also provide formal and up-to-date manuals and videos. Lastly, we have an experienced point person for dealers. The position supports order processing, trade show/event coordination, all news and communication from the factory, and general inquiries.  


Four Wheel Campers places great emphasis on marketing. A percentage of the marketing spend is nationally focused and aims to increase sales for all dealers. This includes ads and articles in national magazines, enhancements to the company website, social media activities, making videos, connecting with influencers, bloggers, and meaningful websites, and participation in relevant events and trade shows.  

Also, a percentage of the spend is aimed at supporting the factory’s regional sales effort. This activity helps us identify the most effective target markets and promotional vehicles, which can translate to dealers and their marketing. This saves dealers time and money on their local promotional efforts.  

Stan Kennedy 

Four Wheel Campers, 1400 Churchill Downs Avenue, Woodland, CA 95776 

Direct Line:  530-419-2420       FWC Customer Service:  530-666-1442 

Thank you for your interest in our campers!



Nor Cal Showroom: CLOSED JULY 4th

So Cal Showroom: CLOSED JULY 3rd – 7th (extended holiday)


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Order turn times range from 15 – 20 weeks, depending upon location.

We hope to be part of your 2024 adventures!

Team Four Wheel Campers – Since 1972

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