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Testimonials from our happy customers.

Don California

Thank you!

We want to thank you for 4WC's superb craftsmanship, attention to detail, exceptional woodwork, and of course Jessica G.'s installation and orientation.



I had my FWC Hawk installed this month and I can’t say enough good things about how smoothly it went. Very knowledgeable staff

Mike & Christy Wyoming

Two years of happy travelers

We just returned from a 10 day loop thru CO. Two years of happy travelers in our Sweet Little Thing and as Stevie Ray Vaughn says “It is my pride and joy”. We take 2-3 trips for 10 – 14 days each summer and have yet to be in a campground. We love our Fleet!

Mike California


Thank you and your service team for your professionalism and dedication to making the customer experience so painless. Jessica did a great job showing me everything I needed to know about my new camper.

Bob California

Hardy Camper

First, I want to thank everyone at FWC for my wonderfully built and hardy Hawk camper. The trails I pick are not easy so I put my Power Wagon and camper through the paces.

Rod California

We're next

We met a great couple from southern California who have a FWC Grandby Model on order. They are extremely excited and will be coming to Woodland for installation. It’s obviously about a great product, but the people involved (you guys and your customers) is icing on the cake.


Another Trip

Just got back from another trip where it was 30 degrees outside when we woke up. But was nice and warm in the Grandby. I know I said this before but we just love the four wheel camper, it just goes to show you how great the camper really is.

Michael Fairfax, CA

I’m a 30 plus year professional firefighter

I’m a 30 plus year professional firefighter. I carefully researched the right truck and camper combination and went with a well-equipped Four Wheel Camper Hawk model on a Dodge 2500. Just days after taking delivery of the camper, our Mountain Rescue Team was deployed on a missing aircraft search in a remote snow-covered area in Sierra County. I decided to take and sleep in my Four Wheel Camper. The command post was a remote parking lot about 45 minutes North of Truckee. There were no facilities and temperatures were in the 20s each night. Each day crews would drive back and forth to Truckee. Not me! With the new camper, I did the final review of the search plan late at night, walked a few steps from the command post to my cozy camper, and slept in my own bed. Since that first adventure, I have used the camper on a number of extended SAR missions with great success, along with some great road trips to Utah, Nevada and Colorado. I’m very pleased with the Four Wheel Camper and look forward to future adventures!”

Timothy California

As a product it is superb.

As a product it is superb. Not only is the build quality excellent but they use high quality, durable, parts and components. Ease of use is incredible. After a long day on the road you pull into camp late at night and just want to go to bed. I can pull off the road, pop the top, and crawl into bed in a couple of minutes.

Joe Tacoma, WA

I sought out a total solution of having my off-road experience...

I sought out a total solution of having my off-road experience with a cozy place to sleep on four wheels. RVs were out of the picture since the build quality was not to my standard and you just can't go where you want to go. Being a firefighter, we have an eye for quality, ruggedness and dependability. I feel there is no better way to travel in comfort in a camper that is as at least as rugged as the truck you have it attached to. I've been able to take my truck and camper places that most non-camper pickups go in the desert southwest. Plus, being a part of a brotherhood on the job with the camaraderie of the Four Wheel Campers brand, you are automatically connected to thousands of people that have similar passion for their camper and their adventures.

No Name Lake Tahoe, CA

As a firefighter I have an appreciation for high quality...

As a firefighter I have an appreciation for high quality apparatus and equipment that is rugged and reliable. I spent considerable time reviewing the many options in Overlanding campers and settled on Four Wheel Campers. After a few short test trips, I recently ventured out on a month-long trip in my Hawk through the backroads of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Wow! We had a blast and the Hawk delivered as promised. We're already planning the next adventure.

Matt Northern California

I am a City Fire Captain with four children...

I am a City Fire Captain with four children, so purchasing our Four Wheel Camper Hawk model a few years ago was a measured decision. Since we have owned it we have used it extensively on off-road and on-road camping trips. In all events, the Hawk has exceeded our expectations. It has protected us from sand storms, become a refuge in inclement weather, and given us the ability to climb deep into the woods and mountains. Very happy with our quality purchase and very impressed with Four Wheels Campers staff and service throughout.

Erik San Jose, CA

The Four Wheel Campers Hawk Flatbed is our perfect base ...

The Four Wheel Campers Hawk Flatbed is our perfect base of operations for our backcountry adventures no matter the destination or weather. We enjoy quick weekend getaways to multi-week overland excursions. Our Four Wheel Camper has all the amenities and gear storage to allow us to simply "add food and water" and we’re on our way. We can quickly be ready for mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, fishing, hunting, photographing, exploring, or just relaxing in beautiful places.

Thank you for your interest in our campers!



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