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Owner's Manuals

Here is a resource for owner’s manuals of products used in Four Wheel Campers.

If you need further assistance we encourage you to contact our service team.

FWC Owner Manuals

Propane Tanks

MANCHESTER (Propane Tanks)
– “click here for details

Lost Keys / Door Key Replacements

FICCompany Website / 1-800-837-2505 1-800-837-2505
Codes can be found inside the door lock, on the part that stays on the door.
Their alpha/numeric codes will look something like the following:
CS  301 to 351
ES  301 to 351
HS  301 to 351
They do not mind if our customers contact them directly to order key replacements.

Electrical & Solar

Water Pumps

SHURFLO / Company Website / 1-800-854-3218, 1-800-854-3218
Current Water Pump – SHURflo On-Demand Electric Water Pump

Older Water Pump used a few years ago – SHURflo On-Demand Electric Water Pump

FLOJET / Company Website / 1-800-2-FLOJET, 1-800-2-FLOJET
– FLOJET Water Pump Model 03526-144

VALTERA Rocket Hand Pump / Company Website / 1-818-898-1671, 1-818-898-1671
– Valtera Rocket Hand Pump

Battery Separator

SURE POWER (Cooper Bussmann) / Company Website / 1-800-845-6269, 1-800-845-6269
Battery Separator (Sure Power)
IBSCompany Website / 1-866-447-7711, 1-866-447-7711
Battery Separator (IBS)

Camper Jacks

RIECO TITAN / Company Website / 1-866-403-9803, 1-866-403-9803
– 4 Corner Mechanical Camper Jacks

– 4 Corner Hydraulic Camper Jacks

C.R. BROPHY MACHINE WORKS / Company Website / 1-800-637-8258, 1-800-637-8258
– Portable “Cable” Jacks

Roof Racks

YAKIMA RACKS / Company Website / 1-888-925-4621

Current Racks – Yakima Roof Rack System Instructions
Current Racks – Yakima Roof Rack Parts List

Older System – Yakima Roof Rack System Instructions
Older System – Yakima Roof Rack Parts List


FIAMMA / Company Website / 1-800-336-6565, 1-800-336-6565
– Fiamma Awnings (used on 2002, or NEWER Four Wheel Campers)

DOMETIC (Catalina Awning) / Company Website / 1-800-544-4881, 1-800-544-4881
– A&E Catalina Awning (used on 2001, or OLDER Four Wheel Campers)

EEZI-AWN  (Bat 270 Degree Awning) / United States Importer Website / 1-866-703-1026
Eezi-Awn Bat 270 Degree Passenger Sided Mounted

Porta Potti

THETFORD (Porta Potti) / Company Website / 1-800-543-1219,

– Thetford 260B Porta Potti

THETFORD (Built In Cassette Toilet)
– Cassette Toilet (Older Keystone Models)

– Cassette Toilet (Front Dinette Self-Contained Models)

Power Roof Vent Fan

FAN-TASTIC VENT / Company Website / 1-800-521-0298, 1-800-521-0298
– Power Roof Vent Fan

Furnaces, Thermostats & Hot Water Heaters

ATWOODCompany Website / 1-800-546-8759, 1-800-546-8759
– Atwood Furnace (newer FWC campers)

– Atwood Furnace (older FWC campers)
– Atwood Hot Water Heater


SUBURBANCompany Website / 423-775-2131, 423-775-2131
– Suburban Forced Air Furnace
– Suburban Thermostat Instructions
– Suburban Hot Water Heater


Newest Honeywell Digital Thermostat User Manual

Model = Pro 1000 (DV1000), Heat Only, Non-Programmable, w/ Backlit Display

2-way Compressor Refrigerators

ISOTHERMCompany Website / 1-888-272-9838, 1-888-272-9838
Cruise 65L, 85L, 130L Indel Wabasto Marine Compressor Refrigerator/Freezers


DOMETIC (Waeco) / Company Website / 1-800-544-4881, 1-800-544-4881
– Dometic 65L, 80L, 110L Refrigerator/Freezers


ENGELCompany Website / 1-888-272-9838, 1-888-272-9838
– Engel Front Loader Refrigerator

3-way Gas Absorption Refrigerators



We have been notified of a recall regarding the fire extinguisher that we have used in our campers. The recall goes from January 1, 1973 through August 15, 2017. If your camper has a manufacturer date of September 24, 2017 or earlier, please check the Kidde website to see if your particular fire extinguisher falls under the recall criteria. If your camper was manufactured on September 24, 2017 or later, your camper is not affected, as we changed over to using a new model of fire extinguisher on that date. Kidde will be handling all replacements direct through their company.

The replacement instructions & details are located on the Kidde website here:

Or on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website here:

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We are excited to announce our new Factory Outlet in Southern California. Grand Opening Dates set for March 21st & 22nd. “Click For More Details


We are extremely busy this year. If you are wanting a new camper for this summer, please consider getting your camper order in now. Or check the “Dealer Inventory” pages on our website for campers that are in stock and available for sale now through your local dealers or our factory.