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Downieville Classic 2023 with Four Wheel Campers

Christopher Blevins and Anna Yamauchi take on the 2023 Downieville Classic! The Downieville Classic, recognized as one of the top 10 bike festivals by Outside Magazine, offers a thrilling weekend in the picturesque Lost Sierra region. Participants are tasked with choosing a single bike for two challenging events: a 26.5-mile cross-country race and a 15-mile downhill race featuring a 5000-foot vertical drop. The event’s main attraction is its renowned races, drawing riders determined to prove their endurance and resilience. The Downieville Classic Cross Country race is a rare point-to-point bicycle race in the United States. Covering 26.5 miles, the rugged course traces a historic route from Sierra City (at an elevation of 4,100 feet) through the Sierra Nevada crest (reaching 7,100 feet) and descends 5,200 vertical feet into Downieville itself. This race pays homage to the region’s mountains, rivers, towering trees, fresh mountain air, and the tough individuals who blazed trails through river canyons in pursuit of gold and prosperity. Following the Cross Country race, participants take on the Downieville Downhill, a challenging race that drops 5000 vertical feet over 15 miles from Packer Saddle to Downieville. It stands as the nation’s lengthiest and most demanding downhill mountain biking competition. This weekend is more than racing, it’s a low stress-high fun environment in an amazing location. Equipped with the Project M Truck Camper by Four Wheel Campers, this duo was ready for all the action.

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