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Now Offering LITHIUM UPGRADES for Four Wheel Campers

Exciting News for Four Wheel Camper Owners! Upgrade Your Off-Grid Power System ⚡ In this video, we are thrilled to introduce an amazing opportunity for you to take your off-grid adventures to a whole new level. Whether you own a camper purchased before May 2023 or one of our newer models, we’ve got you covered. Upgrades available at the Four Wheel Campers headquarters in Woodland, CA. 🔋 Upgrade Highlights: Discover the remarkable improvements in our revamped power system, including faster charging, extended battery life, simplified management, and rock-solid reliability. Choose to upgrade, and you’ll receive a comprehensive package featuring new 8-gauge wires with midi fuses, the top-of-the-line Victron IP22 Converter, the RedArc BCDC 1225 MPPT Charge Controller, and your selection of 1, 2, or 3 high-capacity 135Ah lithium batteries. 🔋 Lithium Batteries: Unleash the power of lithium batteries – twice the power, half the weight, up to 5x faster charging, and backed by an impressive 11-year warranty. No more replacing batteries every few years! Don’t worry about the cold as these batteries are self heating to stay optimized in any condition. But that’s not all. The RedArc BCDC ensures precise lithium battery charging, even when dealing with voltage differences between your truck and camper. The Victron IP22 Converter offers built-in lithium charge profiles, Bluetooth connectivity for real-time shore charge monitoring, and a silent night-time mode. Our 8-gauge wiring and fuses complete the setup, providing low-resistance connections and making the BCDC’s job a breeze. Reach out to our dedicated service team today at to schedule your retrofit and elevate your off-grid adventures. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for being part of the Four Wheel family, and we’re excited to keep your camper on the road for even longer.

Thank you for your interest in our campers!


Holiday Hours: Our Northern & Southern California showrooms will be closed Memorial Day Weekend (May 25 – 27, 2024).


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Order turn times range from 15 – 20 weeks, depending upon location.

We hope to be part of your 2024 adventures!

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