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Over 50 Years | Words from Four Wheel Camper Owners

“Over 50 Years,” a video where passionate Four Wheel Camper owners reveal what they absolutely adore about their truck campers! For more than half a century, Four Wheel Campers has been leading the way in the world of pop-up truck campers. Since inception in 1972, we’ve crafted innovative and durable campers that have become an integral part of countless adventures. In this heartwarming video, real Four Wheel Camper enthusiasts from all walks of life come together to share their genuine experiences and stories. If you’re considering a truck camper, this is your chance to hear from those who have already made the leap. Jerry – Ford F250 with Keystone Slide-In Tanya – Toyota Tacoma with Project M Topper – @ovrlndherr Chivas & Erica – Ram 2500 with Project M Topper – @chivas_gets_lost, @erikasohungry Valerie – Ford F350 with Hawk Flatbed –  @thehappycampergirl1529  ,  @DakotaLithium  Dave & Athalie – Ram 2500 with Hawk Slide-In – @dflowrance In this testimonial, you’ll discover the unmatched freedom and flexibility of owning a Four Wheel Camper, how these campers have transformed weekend getaways into unforgettable journeys, the convenience and ease of setup that comes with a pop-up truck camper, and the remarkable durability that has kept these campers going strong for over five decades. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or just getting started, “Over 50 Years” offers invaluable insights and inspiration straight from the mouths of those who cherish their Four Wheel Campers. Don’t miss this chance to learn why the bond between truck camper enthusiasts and their Four Wheel Campers is a love story that has lasted for generations.

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