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Fleet Model

  • $36,995 Starting price
  • 6.0' - 6.8" Bed size
  • Mid-Size TruckTruck size
About model

The Fleet Flatbed Model is designed to fit on the smaller & mid-sized trucks that have the longer 6.0′ foot bed. For this camper model you will also need to have a Flatbed Tray installed. The “flatbed” can be installed from aftermarket companies or from most of our camper dealers.

Truck examples:

We usually recommend having a full sized, 3/4 or 1 ton truck for a flatbed camper model. At our California factory outlets, we do not offer this combination. But that said, a limited number of our dealers still offer the Fleet Flatbed Model for trucks like the Toyota Tacoma 6' Bed, Ford Ranger 6' Bed, Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon 6' Bed, & Nissan Frontier 6' Bed. Major truck suspension upgrades would be required.

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