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Swift Slide-In Camper Model

Swift Slide-In Camper Model

Fits Mid-Size Truck Bed Sizes 5.0' - 5.5'

  • *Unfortunately we don’t have any way to mount & secure a Swift Model on the newer, small GM trucks (Canyon & Colorado). Please consider one of our Project M Toppers instead. The Ford Ranger trucks w/ the really short 5.0′ bed require External tie downs.
  • Shell Models Starting at $16,695.00
  • Full Camper Models Starting at $25,625.00

Swift Slide-In Camper Floorplans

The Swift camper is configured with a roll-over couch on the truck passenger side. This couch converts to a bed (33" X 62") in five seconds and accommodates sleeping for one or two children. The less equipped Swift Shell model is available here.

Swift Model Tour

Here is your next best exploration opportunity to being inside a camper. Please note that this video does not present the full breadth of options. To see all of the currently available options, pricing, and weights, please click on the blue "Build & Price" button.

Swift Model Tour


Here are the basic specifications. Please click on the blue "Build & Price" button to create a total price and weight based on the menu of options and accessories you select.

Camper FrameWelded AluminumWelded Aluminum
Camper RoofOne Piece AluminumOne Piece Aluminum
Camper SidingAluminumAluminum
Adult Sleeping2 - 32 - 3
Main Cabover Bed Measurements72" X 76"72" X 76"
If applicable - Lower Bed Measurements (couch/seating conversion)33" X 62"33" X 62"
Upholstry & Collapsable SidingCut, Sewn, and finished at FWC factoryCut, Sewn, and finished at FWC factory
Base Model Dry Weight (Approx)950lbs950lbs
Height Down (includes vent) *can vary depending on truck54"54"
Height Up (includes vent)87"87"
Interior Height (popped up)6' 4"6' 4"
Roof Length118"118"
Body Width75"75"
Fresh Water Capacity20 Gallons20 Gallons
Propane Capacity(2) 2.5 Gallons(2) 2.5 Gallons
shell truck camper

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.

Key Benefits

  • The rugged light weight aluminum frame and low profile design greatly reduce vehicle and driver strain, while maximizing fuel efficiency
  • Hard and soft side materials and craftsmanship translate to decades of use in most any environment.
  • The one-piece, light weight aluminum roof is water proof and handles decades of ups and downs.
  • Campers are carefully designed and installed to fit your truck. The right height, width, and balance for a better look and ride.
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