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7 Important Tools for Off-Roading

7 Important Tools for Off-Roading

Preparing for unexpected situations while exploring is the first step to adventuring safely with your Four Wheel Camper. While we get you equipped for the road, we also want to ensure you’re prepped for the road. Here are our seven most important tools for off-roading if you are a beginner.

1. Tire Repair Kit 

One of the most common accidents during off-roading is flat or damaged tires. If you unexpectedly puncture your tire, the repair kit can temporarily patch the hole until you can return and get it repaired. Before you head out for the first time, you should also ensure you research and know how to perform all the steps correctly with the kit.

2. Satellite GPS

Satellite GPS’ are helpful in many ways. This includes tracking your route, downloading topographic maps, and serving as a locator beacon in emergencies. Investing in a good GPS is vital before taking off into the backcountry.  There are many different brands and options to choose from. Make sure to thoroughly research beacon features and buy one according to what fits your needs best. 

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3. Toolkit

Storing a general toolkit within your vehicle can also prove extremely beneficial. No one ever expects to have something go wrong when off-roading, but it’s best to be prepared. There may be some tools you might never use, but it’s better to have too many than not enough.

4. Traction Mats

Unlike some gadgets for ‘just in case’ scenarios, traction mats are often used when off-roading. The boards have grippy surfaces that help extract vehicles stuck in sand, mud, or snow. Carrying at least two traction boards while exploring desolate roadways is common.

5. Recovery Kit 

Although traction mats are quite helpful, there may be scenarios where they are unusable. Recovery kits are used when a vehicle needs assistance when stuck. Most kits include a tree trunk protector, recovery strap, shackles, and snatch blocks that can work together to free a stuck vehicle by using a tree trunk or a second vehicle.

6. Headlamps

Headlamps are fantastic to have when off-roading, no matter what. It proves more effective than a flashlight because it allows having both hands free if needed. There are two main kinds of headlamps: rechargeable and battery-operated. 

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7. Air Compressor 

Off-roading sometimes includes deflating your tires. This is because a flatter tire has a broader footprint & better traction, which can make it easier to travel over sand, snow, and ice. Carrying an air compressor when off-roading is essential to inflate your tires once you return to the pavement.

8. Hi-Lift Jack

A Hi-lift Jack is used when a vehicle is stuck and needs to be lifted in order to clear the tires or place traction mats. This accessory is not the smallest or lightest addition to your off-roading tools but can prove extremely helpful in situations when a vehicle is stuck.

9. First Aid Kit 

Just like anything can happen to your vehicle when off-roading, the same is true for us! From minor cuts and scrapes to burns, a first aid kit commonly used and can also help provide peace of mind. My Medic offers excellent options to ensure you are fully prepared for the road.

10. Shovel & Axe

These two can often come in a kit and attach directly to your exterior gear tracks. A shovel can help dig out a stuck vehicle, dig & put out a fire, and even dig holes to go to the bathroom. Additionally, an axe can help remove a blockage from roadways and chop wood for fires. 

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