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Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

Congratulations, retiree! 

Stepping into retirement is a big deal – the world is at your fingertips! You want to get out, explore, and make the most of all those years of hard work. 

But often, people jump into retirement making a big purchase they regret down the road. Buying an RV is perhaps the biggest example of this. Sure a big, glamorous, RV seems like the perfect retirement purchase, but there are many limitations in an RV that lead retirees to sell them after buying them.

Here are some of the biggest reasons you’ll regret getting an RV in retirement (and what you should buy instead!) 

Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

1. The Size 

I mean, RVs are nice, but they are also the size of tiny homes. Driving them around is NOT fun, especially if you plan to visit places where parking can be a headache, such as National Parks, cities, or state parks. Parking in Arches National Park in an RV in the summer? Nearly impossible. Need to find a last-minute campsite for a 22-foot RV in Florida in March? Try again. The size of RVs majorly limits where you can park and explore, making it a big dealbreaker for those who buy them. Here is a guide to all the RV limitations at all U.S. National Parks.

Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

2. The Cost 

RVs are expensive in many ways – including upkeep, gas costs, and more. Not only do they cost as much as a small house to buy, but once you have it, the costs continue to add up quickly. The average cost to fill up a 100-gallon RV can be upwards of $400. If you plan to drive long distances, you’ll be paying a monthly mortgage in gas every month. 

3. The Limitations 

Do you know all of those pretty pictures you see online of beautiful campsites or landscapes? RVs can’t make it to most of them. In an RV you are extremely limited in where you can camp, drive, and explore. The sheer size of the RVs will keep you away from the best the United States has to offer. Here is just an example of places an RV can’t get to or will be a headache to navigate: 

  • Reflection Canyon, Utah 
  • Sedona 
  • Las Vegas 
  • Going-to-the-Sun-Road, Glacier National Park 
  • Marlboro Point, Moab

4. The Crowds 

Loads of retirees daydream about cruising down the highway, delving into the beauty of nature, and enjoying peaceful alone time along the way, however, RVs limit retirees to staying where the crowds are because the areas are easily accessible for everyone. Many RVers trade in their rig after a year or two because they realize RV access = crowds, and many retirees aren’t searching for crowds, they’re searching for calm, enjoyable, and slow moments away from the squalls of people.

Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

5. Parking 

Between needing a spotter to help you park and the inability to stop at destinations on a whim because you can’t find a big enough parking space, your ability to stop wherever/whenever is severely hindered. And if you can find parking, it’s not going to be an easy task. Parking RVs often take a spotter and multiple tries/turns. It can be a stressful situation! 

What to Get Instead of Getting an RV in Retirement: The Truck Camper Revolution 

Retirees are changing the way they think about retirement. Huge, heavy, and costly RVs are fading in popularity, as many are now prioritizing accessibility and maneuverability when choosing their retirement rig. Less is more in the new era – and when it comes down to it: the less you take the more freedom you have. 

That’s where truck campers come in! There are many reasons these are a new favorite for retirees: 

  • Lightweight & small – Every truck camper from Four Wheel Campers fits in the bed of the full-size and mid-size trucks and weighs anywhere from 325 – 1200 pounds. The average RV weighs upwards of 5,000 pounds. Retirees love that they can easily drive it anywhere, from dirt roads in Utah to the city streets of NYC. 
  • High clearance and accessibility – RVs can barely handle dirt roads, let alone 4×4 roads that get you to some of the most beautiful places in the United States. Trucks have high clearance, and the accessibility of our campers is right in our name: Four Wheel Campers. Anywhere your truck can go, the camper can go. 
  • Cost – You can get a brand new upgraded offroad 4×4 truck and a truck camper for half the price of an RV. 
  • Disconnect – RVs are like driving a house on wheels. They have flat-screen TVs, full kitchens, and some even have lofts. It is becoming harder and harder to disconnect. Many retirees find themselves stuck in RV “campgrounds” and not out in nature where they’d plan to be. Sure, truck campers are smaller, but they open owners to a much bigger world. 
Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

Here are Four Wheel Campers, we have three types of truck campers to choose from for retirees: 

1. Slide in Truck Camper

Our most popular model among retirees! The slide in truck camper provides all the perks of a full hook-up RV without the excessive space or maintenance. Every slide in camper is completely customizable based on your unique needs and can include items such as a fridge, sink, shower, toilet, solar power, and more. There are different floorplan and options available, based on truck model & size

2. Flatbed Truck Camper 

Our flatbed truck campers are the ultimate adventure rig for retirement. If your retirement goals include basket list items like driving to Alaska, sleeping under the stars in remote Utah, or driving down the Baja coast, the flatbed is your best choice. The Fleet and Hawk flatbed truck campers models sleep three and have a dinette for two. They can also be customized with add-ons such as solar power, showers, toilets, gear tracks, and more.  

3. Project M Truck Topper 

Best for the weekend warrior retirees, the Project M is a truck topper that combines minimalism and comfort. It’s ultra-lightweight – with a starting weight of 352 pounds. If you want to explore the country without feeling like you’re evening driving a camper – the Project M is a great choice! It is delivered as a shell, meaning you have the freedom to leave it as-is or build it out yourself. 

Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

The Truck Camper Revolution 

Even if you don’t have your truck yet, you can start brainstorming your dream retirement rig setup with our custom truck camper builder. Many of our clients realize a pop up truck camper is their dream setup, so they buy the truck and place their order for their pop up camper the same week. All of our truck campers are built right here in Woodland California, from the frame welding to sewing the cushions, and in a few short months, you’ll have yoru ocmpletely custom retirement rig ready for the road! 

Watch our model & showroom tours here. 

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Reasons You’ll Regret an RV in Retirement 

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