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  • Mountain Biker Can’t Get Enough of His Four Wheel Pop Up Camper – The Wayward Home

    Mountain Biker Can’t Get Enough of His Four Wheel Pop Up Camper – The Wayward Home

    For someone who loves getting deep into the great outdoors and going mountain biking, there isn’t anything better than a Four Wheel pop-up camper. Sure, a campervan is also great, but these lumbering giants aren’t as nimble as a truck camper, which can tackle even rough dirt roads and snow. Those are just a couple of reasons why Cole Gregg chose a pop-up truck camper for his passion and his work: mountain biking. Not only does Cole ride for fun any chance he gets, but he also works as a technical editor for a company dedicated to mountain biking reviews and information Cole Started in an Aluminum Camper Shell Cole is no stranger to truck campers; he’s had a 2005 Read More…

  • Romantic Baja Adventure

    Romantic Baja Adventure

    The road to Baja is a nostalgic one. You are out there, truly out there – not a cell tower in sight. It’s raw, it’s rugged and not for the faint of heart. There are miles and miles of unpredictability. You can get stuck out there for days until you are lucky enough to find ‘local’ help. It’s one of the few places on earth where you can truly go camping. And what is wild is finding others doing the same adventure as you. The unpredictability of the weather makes you appreciate those glassy warm mornings. The moody desert changes in an instant- rain and harsh unrelenting winds come with no warning. Nobody has the same story. “How was the Read More…

  • Dirt Road Dreams By Bret Edge

    Dirt Road Dreams By Bret Edge

    Dirt roads offer mystery and adventure, and while sometimes they’re dead ends, sometimes they lead to epic campsites and amazing trails. For many road-trippers—myself included—a random dirt road holds an undeniable allure. Where does it lead? What will I discover along the way? From sandy, arrow-straight tracks disappearing into barren deserts, to rocky roads climbing high into mountains, dirt roads practically beg to be explored. They promise (mis)adventure and freedom, campsites with jawdropping views, and beautiful solitude. If you’re lucky, the bars on your cell phone disappear with the miles in your rearview mirror. Devoid of technology, we pick up books and read them, play card games with family, or simply lie on the ground beneath a blanket of stars, Read More…

  • Tackling Dinosaur NM’s Echo Park by Truck Camper

    Tackling Dinosaur NM’s Echo Park by Truck Camper

    A rough map of Dinosaur National Monument’s Echo Park doesn’t look like much but don’t let that fool you. Start by drawing several zig-zags that extend into a long tail that opens up into a horseshoe. At about three quarters of the length, add a few small squares on either side of the tail followed by a bird wing and cone. Finally, draw a meandering line that closely follows the radius of the horseshoe and continues on. The result is a rough map that reflects the less than smooth entrance to Echo Park but begs for exploration.   When traveling in our Four Wheel Camper Flatbed Hawk, Gretchen and I rarely stay in one location more than a day. That Read More…

  • 7 Days Solo With Four Wheel Campers: From Point Reyes To Lake Tahoe

    7 Days Solo With Four Wheel Campers: From Point Reyes To Lake Tahoe

     Parked Without A Plan  I arrived in Sacramento for a 7-day solo trip in one of Four Wheel Campers’ model rigs with nothing but a scarce idea of a handful of places I hoped to see. I wasn’t exactly surprised to suddenly find myself somewhat frozen after the logistics were taken care of.  I sat in the parking lot of Food 4 Less on the outskirts of the city, staring at Google Maps on my phone and listening to the gentle roar of the diesel truck.   I’d be driving for the next seven days. I had made my cross-country flight. I had picked up the rig. I had secured provisions to get me through the week.  Now what…?  When In Read More…

  • In Pursuit of More

    In Pursuit of More

     by Alexandria Gallizioli  It was starting to feel as if I had tried it all – I grew up camping in tents and RV’s, bought my first van in early adulthood, and more recently, converted a school bus to live in full-time with my dog, Terra. And while these methods of overland travel are all great in their own way, there was always a fatal flaw that rendered them short of ideal.  Tent camping is amazing until winter (my favorite season) sets in, RV’s seem cool until you have to run a generator 24/7, and the van/bus life movements are fun until you realize how limited you are on where you are able venture. I found myself surrounded by hundreds Read More…

  • The Next Generation – Andy Best

    The Next Generation – Andy Best

    There’s a little green light glowing from just under my little standup desk. The light is coming from a tiny digital screen counting numbers down as I drain its battery. Like many nights in the camper, I’m standing in the darkness tinkering away. My computer screen lights up my small corner of the world filled with cameras, hard drives, and notes. Our pup Sequoia in the galley way just under my feet snoring. The furnace kicks on again just before a slight chill sets in. The girls are sound asleep in our king- sized bed that rolls high above our Tacoma’s four wheels. Just outside is the massive remote wilderness of Alaska. I’m preparing for a shoot here in Denali National Read More…

  • Steens Mountain

    Steens Mountain

    Dinner was over and the campfire was beginning. It was an old school evening. No propane or smartphone apps. Crackling flames, against a dark backdrop of Ponderosa soldiers, kept us warm on the outside. A peaty scotch whiskey would take care of the inside. Topo maps were spread out on a weathered burl table. Flakes of ash temporarily interrupted the contour lines. The topic was ‘Honey Holes’ – camping locations that checked all the boxes. A theme Grayson and I often gravitated towards during similar evenings. Without a prelude, Grayson simply said ‘Steens Mountain’ and handed me a book of the same name. We had lived in Sisters Oregon for 7 years. Although we explored and camped at many locations Read More…

  • 10 days in a Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper: RV Review

    10 days in a Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper: RV Review

    Today’s review of the Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper is very, very different in a lot of ways. The biggest change in this is that I got to spend ten days in the camper touring some wonderful spots on the West Coast. Life experience I often do these reviews from the standpoint of either seeing the rigs in person or seeing a well-done video of them. (Thank you, Josh Winters!) But this one was done having borrowed the camper and spending almost two weeks out on the road with it. It certainly gave me a unique perspective and appreciation for it and the pickup camper lifestyle. This was not unlike how I used to do reviews of new vehicles. Read More…

  • The Last Thirty

    The Last Thirty

    A family adventure with relatable mishaps while planning to travel overland to Baja, Mexico As the sun reflects off my keyboard, I sit in an open area of a little café. Yellow and orange tiles spread out in makeshift patterns below me. The wind rustles the nearby palm trees and there’s a small hum coming from the cafe fridge lined with indiscernible ingredients. There are ramblings coming from children playing in the open square next to me. I take a sip of an ice-cold drink and catch my breath. I’m happy to be here and really glad the family is back at the RV park taking a break from the road we just came down; the many miles of road Read More…

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