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7 Days Solo With Four Wheel Campers: From Point Reyes To Lake Tahoe

7 Days Solo With Four Wheel Campers: From Point Reyes To Lake Tahoe

 Parked Without A Plan 

I arrived in Sacramento for a 7-day solo trip in one of Four Wheel Campers’ model rigs with nothing but a scarce idea of a handful of places I hoped to see. I wasn’t exactly surprised to suddenly find myself somewhat frozen after the logistics were taken care of. 

I sat in the parking lot of Food 4 Less on the outskirts of the city, staring at Google Maps on my phone and listening to the gentle roar of the diesel truck. 

 I’d be driving for the next seven days.
I had made my cross-country flight.
I had picked up the rig.
I had secured provisions to get me through the week. 

Now what…? 

When In Doubt, Head for The Coast 

Being born and raised in a quiet East Coast beach community, we head to the beach no matter what the season (and in New England, we have them ALL). When I first started traveling to places further and further from the coast, I was struck to find what a different feeling it is to be surrounded by land as opposed to being surrounded by sea. For me, the ocean was comfort. 

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