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<strong>9 Great Places to Camp for Christmas</strong>

9 Great Places to Camp for Christmas

In North America, Christmas and camping aren’t often two words used in the same sentence. When we think of Christmas, many of us picture snowed-in mountain cabins, crackling fireplaces, and fuzzy socks running about decorated living rooms. 

However, Christmas is also one of the best weeks to travel. Many get extended time off work, offering the opportunity to travel while taking fewer days off. And surprisingly, there are many incredible places to camp during the holidays in your Four Wheel Camper. Whether in your built-out flatbed camper or pop-up truck topper, here are a few of our favorites to escape to during the holidays:  

9 Great Places to Camp for Christmas

#1 Jekyll Island State Park, Georgia 

If you are looking for pristine, white beaches that feel isolated from snowbirds in Florida, Jekyll Island in southern Georgia is an option you won’t regret. Points of interest on the island include Driftwood Beach, Georgia Sea Turtle Center, and Horton House Historical Landmark. The Jekyll Island Campground has plenty of shade in the Oak trees but is still an easy walk to the beach. 

Places to Camp for Christmas

#2 Chisos Basin Campground, Big Bend, Texas

Big Bend is one of the country’s most remote national parks, and it is too hot to visit through most of the summer. The average temperature in December is 60 degrees, nearly perfect for a Christmas camping adventure. At night, temperatures can reach freezing, but hey, that’s what our thermal quilt is made for in our truck campers! 

#3 Jumbo Rocks Campground, Joshua Tree, California 

Joshua Tree has a little bit for everyone, from families and avid hikers to rock climbers. The average temperature of Joshua Tree in July is 100 degrees, while December is a comfortable 58 degrees. The scenery of this national park is unlike anything else you’ll find in the United States and a perfect place to spend a desert Christmas with your slide in truck camper. 

Places to Camp for Christmas

#4 Ichetucknee State Park, Florida 

Ichetuckness State Park isn’t near the beach, but is near one of Florida’s most stunning interior landscapes. Flowing from the Ichetucknee River into a series of 8 springs, including the famous Blue Hole Spring. Surrounding by weeping oak branches, the clear blue water unveils a hidden underworld of vegetation and wildlife, including manatees. 

#5 Gilbert Ray Campground, Tucson 

Situated among the protected saguaros near Saguaro National Park, Gilbert Ray Campground is an incredible and underrated camping area near Tucson. Coyotes, foxes, bears, owls, bobcats, and other animals frequent the area, and visiting in the winter lessens the chance of other more dangerous wildlife encounters, such as rattlesnakes. 

#6 Cary State Forest Campground, Florida 

Florida can be difficult to camp in if you are looking for more rustic campsites for your slide in camper or truck topper from Four Wheel Campers. The state is filled with RV parks for travel trailers, but it can be more challenging to find simple camping areas and free remote campsites. Cary State Forest Campground is an oasis east of Jacksonville in a forested area that provides the luxury of Florida weather without the crowds of coastal RV parks.  

#7. Hatteras Sands Campground, North Carolina 

Hatteras Sands Campground is calling your name if you’ve been dreaming about the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s the southernmost point of the Outer Banks and isolated from the rest of the coast, offering the quiet, peace, and relaxation many look for over the holidays. The campground has a pool and is within walking distance of the lighthouse & beach. Better yet, the area is known for its population of wild horses, which can be spotted roaming the beaches & dunes. 

pop up truck camper

#8 Coconino National Forest, Sedona 

Sedona is one of the most scenic towns in the United States and is one of the most popular destinations for owners of our truck campers. Over the holiday season, the temperature is mild and perfect for outdoor adventures such as off-roading, mountain biking, and hiking. During peak season, finding a last-minute campsite can be nearly impossible, but winter offers more availability in both campgrounds and dispersed areas. And although the weather can be cool, snow is rare. 

Places to Camp for Christmas

#9 Guadalupe Mountains, Texas 

When many think of Texas, mountains are not the first thing that comes to mind. The Guadalupe Mountains in western Texas are home to the tallest mountain in Texas, which surpasses 8700 feet. The temperature gets uncomfortably hot in the summer, making fall, winter, and spring the best time to visit. The Texan salt flats are also nearby, which are small versions of the Utah salt flats. And yes, you can explore them with your truck camper! 

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