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Author: Shalee

  • Best Items to Have in Your Truck for Winter Travel

    Best Items to Have in Your Truck for Winter Travel

    ‘Tis the season for icy roads, winter storms, and closed mountain passes! If you’re new to snow travel or this is your first season in your Four Wheel Camper, we’ve compiled a list of the best items to keep in your truck for winter travel. If we’ve learned anything traveling in the snow through the years, it’s to expect the unexpected, prepare for anything, and you can never have too much recovery gear in your rig.  Best Items to Have in Your Truck Camper for Winter Travel  1. Snow Chains  Carrying snow chains and upgraded truck tires is critical for winter travel. Mountain passes and routes with blowing snow are especially susceptible to hazardous travel in the winter and can Read More…

  • <strong>Five Best Accessories For Your Four Wheel Camper</strong>

    Five Best Accessories For Your Four Wheel Camper

    If you ask us, the toughest part about buying a Four Wheel Camper isn’t deciding that you will buy one; it’s deciding precisely what to add to it! After all, we know our ‘accessories’ list is quite extensive.  Over time, we’ve garnered responses from our Four Wheel Camper community about what add-ons they appreciate the most and what ones they say are a must when building our your custom truck camper.  1. Thermal Pack If you will ever camp in temperatures below 45 degrees or hotter than 85 degrees, our thermal pack is one of our most popular camping add-ons. In the past few months, we’ve announced our newest and most upgraded thermal pack, a quilted 3-layer thermal pack for Read More…

  • Tow Campers vs. Truck Camper: 2024 Comparison

    Tow Campers vs. Truck Camper: 2024 Comparison

    When it comes to embarking on epic adventures and exploring the great outdoors, choosing the right mode of camping accommodation is essential.  If you’re looking at upgrading your travel rig but aren’t sure which direction is best, we get it. The industry is saturated with every RV, trailer, and truck camper you could imagine. Truck campers have become more and more popular over the past decade, something we love to see over here at Four Wheel Campers. Here are some things to consider between a tow behind camper and a truck camper.  1. Off-Grid Capability Truck campers, toppers, and slide in campers are designed to be self-sufficient and handle rougher terrain better than a pull behind camper. This means you Read More…

  • <strong>Tips for Staying Safe When Camping Alone</strong>

    Tips for Staying Safe When Camping Alone

    Heading out to camp alone can be both exhilarating and overwhelming! Thousands of people camp out alone every night around the country, and it’s an experience we recommend everyone to try out at least once. However, we understand camping alone is most likely a step outside your comfort zone the first time you do it, so we’ve crafted the ultimate list of how to stay safe when camping alone.  1. Research Camping Spots Before You Arrive  Having a plan ahead of time makes all the difference when camping alone. It can be incredibly stressful scrambling last minute in the dark, at a new location, and without any help/support. Pick a place before you arrive and have a second backup location Read More…

  • <strong>How to Stay Warm While Winter Camping</strong>

    How to Stay Warm While Winter Camping

    Contrary to popular belief, winter camping can be an enjoyable adventure! The key between a winter camping trip that borderlines suffering and one that is pleasant comes down to a few critical tips and gear.  As experts in all-season camping here at Four Wheel Campers, here are our biggest tips for staying warm while winter camping.  1. Choose Your Camping Setup Wisely  Where you’re sleeping when winter camping makes a big difference! Will you be sleeping in a tent? In a truck camper? Or in an RV? Tent camping will require the most preparation and gear, and you’ll want to ensure your tent is rated for winter camping. If you have a truck camper, invest in add-ons like the quilted Read More…

  • Everything to Have in Your Offroad Recovery Kit

    Everything to Have in Your Offroad Recovery Kit

    It will probably happen to all of us at some point – we’ll get a flat tire, get stuck in the sand, or have to help someone else out of the ditch. An offroad recovery kit is essential if you travel often, travel off-road, or in the winter. Deciding what to have in your truck as part of your kit can be challenging. There’s the constant battle of overkill vs. underprepared while trying to keep everything organized. After years of building 4×4 truck campers, here are our biggest recommendations for what to put in your offroad recovery kit: 1. Traction Mats  Traction mats are vital if you get your truck camper stuck in mud, sand, snow, or ice. Many of Read More…

  • Why Truck Campers Are the New Full-Time Rigs

    Why Truck Campers Are the New Full-Time Rigs

    More people than ever are choosing to live full-time on the road, whether it’s a gap year from college or a retirement plan. Choosing this lifestyle is free, full of opportunities, and embracing every adventure life throws us. It’s been a little over a decade since ‘vanlife’ and ‘living on the road’ resurfaced in popularity, and now we are seeing another shift in this lifestyle. Many who have been full-time for numerous years are trading in their vehicles. Vanlifers are selling their vans and upgrading to rigs with more accessibility and versatility. We’re unsure what this new lifestyle is called since ‘vanlife’ no longer quite fits – riglife, maybe? Either way, we love the transition! Why Vanlifers are Switching to Read More…

  • <strong>9 Best National Parks to Visit in The Fall</strong>

    9 Best National Parks to Visit in The Fall

    1. Yellowstone  If you want to see wildlife, Old Faithful, or Grand Prismatic Spring without crowds, October is the perfect time to visit. During peak tourist season in the summer, parking lines for sites like Grand Prismatic can stretch a mile down the road. Wildlife will be hard to stop for (since everyone will already be fighting for parking spots), and nearby towns will be quiet and calm. Better yet, wildlife flourishes in the fall in Yellowstone. Late summer is the worst time to visit for wildlife, but many species, including bison, grizzly bears, and elk, come down from high tundra mountains to lower Yellowstone valleys in the fall in preparation for winter, making it the perfect time to visit. Read More…

  • Six Best Ghost Towns in the United States

    There are dozens of ghost towns across the country, from deep Appalachia to the remote Death Valley Desert. Some of the towns are preserved & maintained by government agencies such as the National Park Service, while some are left completely abandoned, where only a few buildings but many ghost stories remain. Many travelers, from urban explorers to historians, explore ghost towns. Some are tourist towns, some so remote one must cross three rivers to reach the destination. All are unique and hold their spot in American history. And in true Four Wheel Camper style, we had to make sure some of the ghost towns mentioned are 4×4 only! So pack up your truck camper and enjoy the ride to the Read More…

  • Best Rivers to Fly Fish in The United States

    Best Rivers to Fly Fish in The United States

    Many of those in our 4×4 camper community love to pack their fishing gear on trips. Lucky for us, there are an unbelievable number of great fly fishing spots in the United States, from lake fishing in the Midwest to fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains. If you’re an avid fisherman who is looking for the best place to set up camp and cast your fly fishing pole for a few days, we’ve curated a list of the best rivers to fly fish in the United States!  Best Rivers to Fly Fish In the U.S. 1. Clark Fork River, Montana The Clark Fork River is a section of the Columbia River and spans 310 miles between Idaho and Montana. The Read More…

  • What to See Along Route 66: Complete Road Trip Guide

    What to See Along Route 66: Complete Road Trip Guide

    Nearly everyone has heard of the classic road trip adventure along Route 66, which stretches over 2,400 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica. Along the way, there’s a little bit of everything, from funky roadside attractions to beautiful natural wonders.  Planning what to see along Route 66 can be one of the most difficult parts, as stopping for every attraction along the way will turn a long journey into and forever journey. There’s just too much to do!  Many of those who do Route 66 also don’t like lugging big RVs or trailers through the route. It starts in downtown Chicago and ends near LA, after all! But it’s a perfect option for our truck camper family in Four Wheel Read More…

  • Things to Know Before Hitting the Road Full Time

    Things to Know Before Hitting the Road Full Time

    Embarking on a full-time adventure on the open road is a dream for many. It offers the freedom to explore breathtaking landscapes, complete freedom, and create unforgettable memories. If you’re considering going full-time and want to know the essentials before hitting the road, we’re here to help! Here is everything you need know before hitting the road full-time in your truck camper or van: Choosing Your Rig One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting the perfect rig for your adventure. These days full-timers use a variety of setups in order to live on the road full-time, and the rig you choose will have a drastic impact on what you do.  Pop-up truck campers are lightweight and provide Read More…

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